Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing – The Confusing Truth.

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Unboxing and first Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Smartphone, taking a look at camera, battery, and specs! Giveaway link:

Credits to Tim Schofield, Marques Brownlee, CNET, Business insider and Samsung, for some of the clips used here!

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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Couple of things:
-Yes, I call it "Zed Flip". Zed is how people in the UK pronounce Z
-If you can stick around to the end on this one, that would be amazing, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in the conclusion
-I borrowed 5 clips from other creators for this, and forgot to add credits, so they're in the description
-To enter the giveaway:

Hanro50 says:

Hold up…
Folding glass?

sheik javeed says:

Dude I just hate ur voice

2020 Sky趙 says:

I wanna ask if you have merch?


This is like a nintendo ds phone

sun flower says:

Give me the s20 bro i need a lot

Shaikh Abuzar says:

What's the name of the tone MrWhoseTheBoss uses in his video

Mr Comer says:

They made that phone to side cut Motorola's Razar phone.

mushahid miah says:

There is a little gap

Asad S says:

Galaxy Fold : Nintendo DS
Galaxy Fold Z : Gameboy advanced sp

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