Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Camera Review: $1380 Photos?!

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The Galaxy Z Flip might not have the shiny new cameras of the Galaxy S20 line, but the foldable has a few tricks up its sleeve thanks to the strong hinge. JV brings the phone out for a day in LA to test out the cameras in a typical outing!


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Paul Marsden says:

Great video 👍 Joshua.

Paul Marsden says:

The Z- Flip cameras looked awesome.

mikldude says:

Great job Josh , the flip adds so much more usefulness over a normal slab phone imo , and those camera shots where very nice sir .
I wear shirts all the time and keep my big slab phone in my shirt pocket and it is always unstable flopping around , i always have anxiety it is going to end up hitting the cement .
The flip will be so much better for me , i think a flip with a D brand skin on it will do the job nicely . .

Harsh Vaghela says:

It's excellent camera. I don't know why people say iPhone camera is the best. When I go out, Even my iPhone user friends ask for my S10+ to take pictures. They say Samsung takes better photos.

Musix_Magick /* says:

Nothing about the Flip matters after I found out a fingernail permanently scratches the screen. 💯😞

Piotr Breda says:

The results look very pleasing to the eye.

Waldonator GR98 says:

MegaMan X in that background though. Love it.

Urban Fjellström says:

The video captured with the Z-Flip stutters so much I almost fell over watching it. Say what you want, but that phone has the smoothness of a 2012 flagship. 🤭

blondie jam says:

I have upgraded from a note 8 to the z flip so far loving it it's a lot lighter and not so wide which is great for my smaller hands I have been waiting for Samsung to bring out a flip phone as the candy bar phones are getting to big for me .Great review on the camera some lovely looking photos there thanks can't wait to try mine out properly

Guntis P. says:

To be fair S20/+ don't have a telephoto camera either

Philip says:

Getting mine on Monday 🙂

Nathan B Tech says:

Finally someone using the flip for the videography scenario! I personally think that's the entire point of it you can get so many shots that you couldnt do with a normal phone.

head turner says:

Well the s10e was top 2 best camera based on MKBHD blind camera test only lost against the note 10+

Steven Newman says:

Seems like Samsung are following Apple's theme… Giving you a silly one inch screen so next year they can make it slightly bigger. Naughty!!

Mike Luzawski says:

Who are you and what did you do to Jaime?

The-terminator says:

Everything that phone shot was still ass

Paul Simjay says:

Wow, that tiny view finder selfie camera really makes a clear difference in any lighting situation… Cool review man

Js says:

I’d love some Moto-Gestures with the phone

Matthew Lemmers says:

I can't help but feel that whenever I see one of these camera reviews that it tells us what we already know. Modern smartphone cameras can generally for the average consumer take perfectly fine photos.

SammyT says:

Nice illustration of the extra flexibility the folding design gives to low-light photography.

Byron G says:

Since when did Joshua Vergara started working with Pocketnow?

Simon Says says:

Does anyone know why front facing Samsung cameras are poor? Is this soft face thing something customers asked for?

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