Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Unboxing and Camera Test Samples!

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Here is my Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing plus mini review! The Galaxy S9 has the same box contents as the Galaxy S9 Plus so I only showed one unboxing. I know everyone wanted to see the Galaxy S9 Plus Camera samples and tests so I included one at the end! For more comparisons like the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X and Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2XL stay tuned and subscribe for more! Is the Galaxy S9 Plus the best phone of 2018?

Aye Verb “Beautiful Creatures” Full Video -

S9 and S9 Plus Everything you need to know before buying one:

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Neal Frost says:

S9PLUS is better anyway

Sakib Shahriar says:

wew. those fireworks :') I wish I could be there

zohaib khan says:

Your videos are superb.
You deserve more than a million subscribers and viewers.

I Ruiz says:

were the pictures from an S9 or S9+??

Jason Eyermann says:

Can you please tell me if the video camera quality is different between the two?

Manu says:

Where is that place in the last

huss123ein chan2006ine says:

I have s9 blue

daniel viegas says:

Are there differences between the s9 and s9 plus cameras instead of the live focus and zoom mode?

Saracen 888 says:

Are the samples shot through the S9 or S9+?

A1star says:

Yo Danny you listen to battle rap?

Guin Thee Penguin says:

the 7 edge is still my favorite. ill only upgrade because i want a better camera on my phone

TheSolarplexxus says:

Tbh, why would it be a good thing to put the fingerprint scanner in the back of the phone. Im using a galaxy s7 right now and i love the scanner in the home button (not to mention that the removed that at all… Most stupid thing ever in my oppinion) bcs it is so nice to unlock ur phone just with a press of a button while its laying down. With the s9 u have to actually grab u phone and unlock it, totally shitty when u have dirty hands bcs u work at something so i think tze Scanner on the back is way worse… Im considering to get a nrw phone with my contract now and srsly the whole home button thing is what holds me back to get the s7… Im using the galaxy line since the galaxy s2 then s3 s5 now s7 and the next should be the s9… But maaaaaan idk….

Danny Rc says:

Awesome video Danny I'm buying s9+ soon 🙂

Vilmor Labajo says:

Amazing phone

Ejaz Khan says:

Is ka codes koi batasakta ha k original ka pata karna hai

Hardy Black says:

I'd like to know that any difference pictures result of samsung galaxy s9 & s9+ in selective mode in the s9 & live fokus mode in the s9+
Does both of them have the same blur and bokeh ???
Please answer my question.

Salvatore Caputo says:

Is it really worth $100 plus more for the 9+? I kinda just wanted the regular one

PHANTOM 808 says:

Great video Will subscribe for future Notifications.

CJISCOOL66 44 says:

Love my midnight black s9

aamil Khan says:

Gaming test s9+

Chris -0 says:

Wtf that demo song was so stupid, weird and unexpected. Apart from that…. good video

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