Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs S10+ Camera Comparison Test: Upgrade?

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Here is the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus vs S10 plus Camera Comparison. The Galaxy s20 vs S10 camera test should be the same so you can expect similar results. The Galaxy S20+ is regarded the best Galaxy S20 this year even over the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 Plus camera review after my testing has shown to produce the sharper images and is the best out of the bunch so far. What do you want to see in future galaxy s20+ camera reviews? Do you want to see a full galaxy s20 vs s10 video? Let me know who you think wins in the galaxy s20+ vs S10+ camera test. Stay tuned for more on the Galaxy S20 +

**** The Galaxy S20+ used for camera comparison is the Korean Factory Unlocked Snapdragon 865 Model. At the time of this video this phone as received 2 software updates since launch so software is the newest possible.

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Danny Winget says:

Which camera won? The Galaxy S20 Plus or the Galaxy S10 Plus? Don't miss the Galaxy S20+ vs S20 Unboxing and Camera Comparison with Time of Flight Sensor Test here:

Los Trem says:

I'll keep there s10 plus for another year than I think im going to lg. I miss the HD audio I had on there lgv40. I wear ear plug/ headphones hybrids at work. Gotta have it. Gotta have the jack.

Michael Streibel says:

I have the s20 ultra for one week now – and I still have the s10+. There are several situations (food-photos and hdr-photos) were the s10+ is much much better then the s20 ultra. Perhaps there will be software-updates that bring improvement to the s20 ultra – but until now it is disappointing.

vince sarmiento says:

just wait for the s10+ camera update then try again the comparison thanks 🙂

TTWT says:

Who else is keeping their S10+ until at least next year

Ben van Broekhuijsen says:

I am curious if the new camera update of the S10+ makes a difference, since a lot of the picture quality is due to processing.

jade diamond says:

I am looking to buy a new phone. I have had my old phone (samsung S7) for around 3 years. It is between these two phones and I am honestly finding it difficult to choose between the two. The difference between the two models as well as reflecting on the price of the S20 plus, is it worth me forking out the extra cash or not?


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Devashish Pareek says:

As you started the video, its pretty clear S20+ did cut down the light of the sun as it was showing lesser brightness and better image

Adriel Menezes says:

S20 is a s10 with more zoom and much more expensive

Joel Ngandu says:

0:49 the selfie is more detailed on the s20 plus

Cerol Ngaha says:

Both are the same

Niccoló says:

I am keeping the Note 9 :C

sabugdalantx says:

Thanks did the stability improved and does Super Steady exit at 4K?

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