Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Pro – Camera Comparison, 8K Video Sample & 30X Zoom.

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This is an initial camera comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S20+, The Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The whole comparison taken place indoors in the Samsung Store in Dubai Mall as I don’t have the actual device available. So, here are the comparison categories:

1- Compare Samsung Galaxy S20+ wide angle shots (12.2MP Sensor) with Pixel 4 XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
2- Compare Samsung Galaxy S20+ telephoto shots (64MP Sensor & 3X Optical Zoom) with Pixel 4 XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
3- Compare Samsung Galaxy S20+ 30x hybrid zoom with Pixel 4 XL with the camera PX mod to enable 30x Zoom on the Pixel 4 XL.
4- Samsung Galaxy S20+ 8K sample video.
5- Overall impressions about the S20+ Camera.

Sample photos and videos can be downloaded from the below link:!qo10wIbZ!5FGeEMho6j_RyypmzgjpkyiAxUmPBD9a2Z9q9buY0AU

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Tools used in filming this video & Amazon purchase links:

_______________Camera & Accessories _____________

Canon 200D/SL2
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Sandisk Extreme 90MB/s DSLR SD Card 64GB Class 10 for 4K:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Rode Shotgun Videomic:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Rode extension cable for boom arm mounting:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates(Not available in Amazon) alt. link:

_______________ Lights _____________

Andoer studio lighting with softbox:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

2 GVM 480LS-G LEDs:
US, UK & Canada (Closest match):
United Arab Emirates:

_______________ Tripods, Mounts & Arms _____________
Hercules Boom Arm for shotgun mic:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

Benro SystemGo Plus Aluminum Tripod with Monopod Converstion:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

VIVO Single LCD monitor desk mount (for mounting the camera in tabletop position):
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:

_______________ Decoration _____________

PVC sheets for tabletop filming:
US, UK & Canada:
United Arab Emirates:


Nachhing Reth says:

One year later iPhone still the best camera 😆

Jun Choi says:

The Samsung galaxy s20 lines have not released yet. I was wondering Where he got them from.

Jan Vince Dimalanta says:

No wonder why samsung remains number 1 in mobile business. 🙂 the best!!

Dennis Reyes says:

Still looks good. I just want that display

ArnobPlays says:

Fake photos

maxrockbin says:

Thanks for the early glimpse. Pretty disappointing. I was hoping Samsung would take their camera seriously and cut out their overly aggressive noise reduction now that they supposedly had a less noisy camera now. But it looks like no. We all have to wait for the detailed hands on, but now I'm not as hopeful.

Kayser Yoshimatsu says:

you destroyed s20 lol. sony sensors are the best ( iphone and pixel) . yes they are made by sony.

Wael Al-Sharqawy says:

فيديو عظيم ❤ والبيكسل مازال بيثبت أن الهاردوير مش كل حاجة

Alex Alucard says:

Samsung image processing is always overexposing the image and add too much smoothness to limit noise
I think the Pixel 4 is still the best choice here

Alex Alucard says:

What about the S20 Ultra ?

henry michael says:

Mr man u can't compare the new Samsung to any phone in the world. Am out of here…


iphone still the best overall camera

Michael Hazell says:

Do the xiaomi mi10. Dxo mark gave it impressive scores

Perry Hummel says:

I think the S10 take better pictures than S 20

John Vu says:

Do you have the right s20?

Bill says:

Just curious, what settings do you use in the pixel 4xl camera mod? I recently downloaded it, and got lost by all the new settings.

Xypleth says:

So it's the usual overyhype from Samsung, okay. The best hardware, but below top-tier software.
I do favor the Pixel camera, but the most optimal is the iPhone, as it can do everything very well, while Pixel is excellent only in photos and photospheres.

cstark27 says:

@In Depth Tech Reviews for the Pixel 4 are you able to root it and install the TeleExtender module? Looking at the EXIF, your 30x zoom picture is using the main sensor, not the tele photo. This is a limitation imposed by Google that makes the system switch back to the main sensor after 8x zoom (the stock limit). The zoomed picture from the tele lens should look clearer then.

Weeblackie says:

Thanks, very good vid, sad that I start to dislike the s20+ more & more😢

raamji ramesh says:

good job thanks bro

DarkStoneCastle says:

Damn, all 3 of them suck.

Kareem Akram says:

The s20+ just whipped the floor with iphone and pixel imagine what the ultra can do 🤣
Also it's not the final software

RobTortureWright says:

So you're using the top iPhone and pixel to compare to the mid tier Samsung? Why not use the Ultra?

Inyourarea says:

I really hope Samsung improves the post processing

Inyourarea says:

Are you sure you turned off beauty mode for the selfie

Thaddeus says:

You did a great job my friends, thanks for samples. But 8k sample is shit :/ sad that only s20 ultra can use it's main 108 mp sensor for proper 8k video..

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