Samsung Galaxy S20 VS Pixel 4 Camera Comparison!

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Galaxy S20 VS Pixel 4! What phone has the best camera?
Throughout this camera comparison you will be able to see sample daytime and night time pictures, portrait mode pictures, sample videos and of course selfies! Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S20 is worth the hefty price tag just based on it’s cameras?

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Samsung Galaxy S20 VS iPhone 11 Camera Comparison:

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Sunday Erhonmose says:

People who bought the S20 are not happy because, they again, end up with a 3rd grade camera. This again shows that high megapixels really is not all. Pixel with its low megapixels totally obliterate samsung once again. Google magical camera software is just too good.

Bruh says:

Insane difference between the selfie quality… Why does Samsung keep smoothing out the skin

sujit patil says:

S20 has nailed it by huge margin….!!!

GamingWiffJohn says:

How about doing the video-recordings in 1080p? That's what like 99,99999% people use it in! That's also the mode with the best overall-quality for both the Samsung and the Pixel 😉

Brandon Clevert says:

You leave the scene mode on and then complain about the high saturation. At least show some without scene mode.

bloomylicious says:

Hi, I was wondering is your version of the S20 Exynos or Snapdragon? Really hard to find samples from the Exynos phones which most of the world bar the USA get, so would love to know. That's for a great video as always.

kramshiron says:

Pixel for me…never liked Samsung’s oversaturated colours and over brightness.

Timo Timo says:

Nice content!
I would say Samsung's pictures are sharper but I do prefer the image processing from the Pixel.
Just Google's black magic you know 😉

Mamta Guleria says:

Have you updated your S20 before the test?
They have updated the camera

Michael Angelo Apostol says:

Samsung on one hand, google on the other, and iPhone’s notch in his head

Ji Lige says:

Daytime, Pixel 4. I'm seeing more details on bricks, leaves and faces.
Night time, both are great. I'm leaning slightly towards Pixel 4 again, I personally doesn't like the extra weird sharpening effects on S20.

pele german says:

Thanks from Germany for this good video. 🎬

Carlos Alba says:

Samsung's HDR in night mode is 🔥

4ndy123 says:

Is this guys accent legit?

Ubaydullo Abdullayev says:

Huh 😂😂 even my lg g8 can take better photos than s20plus i compared CUZ my lg g8 has gcam with amazing configs

Sumit Ram says:

Both devices are super awesome but i would love to go with S20. ♥️♥️

1Eluzai says:

Too much blues and yellows in the S20 photos. I prefer the photos from the Pixel 4.

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