Samsung Galaxy S20 VS iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

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The ultimate Camera Comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11! I’ve included sample daytime and night time videos, pictures, portrait mode pictures, selfies and much more!
What phone has better cameras? The iPhone 11 or the Galaxy S20? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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AGSAR yasin yasin says:

Apple fans like here because apple is about only luxury most of the apple users are bigger than Samsung buyers

Novario Sukharnoto says:

Phone 2020 vs phone 2019 not fair , hold new iphone 12 this year 2020

Not_TryHardDah says:

Some pictures are better on iPhone and some pictures are better on Samsung ugh what's better

dragonfist25 says:

Wow.. the iphone got smoked in night time selfies.

Саня Канарский says:

phah, and where is video from wide-camera? this review is absolutely UNultimate, don't waste your time guys watching that

Ellis Dean says:

Is samsung still smoothing skin with rear camera live focus pictures even with beauty mode turned off? Every samsung portrait shot seems to have smoothing going on after processing.

스티븐 귀염둥이 says:

I dont know why but the audio in my iphone 11 is better

Mamta Guleria says:

I think S20 is better.

And the total overall phone is incomparable. S20 destroys iP

Bhavanishankar H R says:

7:43 when a lion makes a selfie video..

docrmc says:

I am no professional or no real aficionado of cameras, so I am less interested in (non-egregious) saturation or selfie prowess. What I am about is taking/looking at travel-related quick snaps. I like to be able to read a road sign or plaque on a wall or count the slats on something architecturally interesting. For me, there were a couple of instances where the 11 afforded me the ability to read something more clearly, but for a vast majority of those the S20 seemed a lot clearer – I could easily count individual chairs and windows at a distance, and read phone numbers off storefronts. So I prefer the S20.

Michael Bell says:

iPhone all the way. Samsung colors look too fake and the skin tones suck. iPhone 12 is coming soon too.

Robert Hood says:

S20 win. Easily

Daniel Martin says:

They're on par. They both take perfectly amazing pictures end of story. At the end of the day, no one will be able to tell the difference if they're only using one or the other. I'm just glad that if someone says my android camera is bad I can explain in detail how they're equal to iPhone.

Mariana Padilla says:

Damn Samsung I see details that I didn’t even see before

Eugene O says:

Hi Alex. Is the S20 vs S20 clone video comparison coming?

Rengaruu says:

The S20 is better in subject detection and highlight controll. The iPhone kills the S20 in videorecordings though

Alex K says:

You can't compare iPhone with trash Android, duh.

Baljinder Singh says:

I prefer S20

Ahmed Affan says:

His hairline says he is a bit too biased towards Apple.

Ionut says:

where are you from?

Stephanie says:

the iphone selfies looked worse. i find both the front and rear camera on the iphone produce over sharpened images (perhaps this is why when you go to open the photo it is blurry for a second before becoming clear – its over processing it, just my thoughts, i could be wrong), making you believe that your image is "sharp", its just too noisy/grainy rather than actually being a good quality lens that gives you a sharp image quality, if that makes any sense.
i've also compared both phones (bro has s20) and in some of the same daytime shots s20 looks better, then iphone, cant win. selfies are the same, but this video the s20 looks better in all of them (9:33 iphone is especially grainy and at 9:46 is not even focused, looks grainer but not as sharp as the s20)
compared to iphone 7, i find that the iphone 11 photos are grainier/over sharpened which yes does look like its a sharper more detailed photo but its just too overdone. if i sharpened an identical photo on the 7, thats almost what the 11 photo looks like lol

Random Guy says:

3 seconds in, and I already love your accent

Zaynthetic Gaming says:

Give me suggestion please….which one is able to buy🤔? And best

Liviu says:

Increase exposure time on the iphone to max(which can reach 30 seconds if it senses it’s not moving like on tripod)

Shah Darshan says:

Videography iphone
Photography samsung

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