Samsung Galaxy S20 VS Huawei Mate 30 Pro – Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20! I’ve included portrait mode pictures, zoom pictures, night time pictures, sample videos, selfies and much more!

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What phone do you think is better for pictures and videos? The Galaxy S20 or the Mate 30 Pro?

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Shavkat1989 Tavaklov says:

Huawei mate 30 pro

jay patel says:

Samsung s20 is way better to giving true colour tone

Dexter Lilang says:

Mate 30 pro is true color

XXX DDD says:

In most shots the s20 looks better

Qurahn says:

Galaxy is clearing using artificial sharpening

PeDrO Velez Jr says:

Huawei can keep trying!samsung will always stay #1

B E. C. says:

You invented a new word :in-stabilization 🙂

Mamta Guleria says:

S20 is better

Zac Brad says:

Daylight photo and
Video -samsung
Front camera -samsung
Night photo and video -huawei
Result =Samsung wins

rbce ce says:

Funny how Mate 30 pro which is a 2019 phone can compete with the all new overrated s20 ultra. ✌️

Josip T1000 says:


Oof Oof says:

I prefer the selfie can on the mate 30 pro is it just me?

Kamen Springer says:

You should do a review on the snapdragon version

GA Qazi says:

Seriously samsung is the only company that really knows how to oversaturate photos just enough to make them look stunning

Derrick Raj says:

Awesome hard work pays off thanks keep the videos coming

GamingWiffJohn says:

I prefer the Huawei across all the tests!

Jorge Moran Prudencio says:

Hauwei mate 30 pro win, Is The best

anglosaxonbreed says:

I dont no about any one else but night photography is not difficult. The big problem for me is is photo more so video in bright sun light . The glare of the screen makes it impossible to see. So its aim and hope you get the flick you want. The Quicker some phone company comes up to answer to this problem the better . Its a deal breaker.

anglosaxonbreed says:

I ordered Samsung S20 ultra from Vodafone the sold out. I went to car phone warehouse no samsung S20 still the end of march. The factory in china closed in February. Also factory in Korea is closed. So there is a big shortage of Samsung S20s .

视频刺激 says:

Mate 30 pro Good

Amarjeet Singh says:

why s20 plus pic are so warm . i seen this only on ur channel. did u tweaking some setting on s20? because i see alot of camera comparisons s20 is not on warmer side

blackheart004 says:

1. For daytime pictures the reason why S20 looks sharper is because of the usual idiotic Samsung typical oversharpening applied by the software. It's like you apply the structure effect in Snapseed. It honestly ruins the picture quality if you want to look closer at fine details. The Mate 30 Pro preserves more of the fine unprocessed optical look of the image, still has great detail (for the 10MP resolution, of course)
2. For night pictures, the Mate 30 Pro does look sharper (here it's the other way around, Huawei applies more oversharpening), BUT you did not mention the fact that the S20 controls the highlights much better, there are way less blown out street lights than on the Mate 30 Pro.
3. Video in daylight was better on the S20 both in image quality and in stabilization. During the night, the Mate 30 Pro ultra wide was impressively brighter, even if it was full of noise.
BUT why did you not include a main lens recording with these two devices at night time? It's a SERIOUS oversight for which I have also taxed this video with a dislike. I mean THAT'S THE SELLING POINT of these two camera systems, the bloody main lens, seriously.

Sami says:

S20 Ultra vs Mate 30 Pro?

Robson Sobral says:

Redskull… I really appreciate all your videos review! Keep doing! Greetings from Brazil

pukas Dhakal says:

My goodness, look at the sky in the samsung pictures… it looking like someone painted an extra blue layer in it… so fuckin inaccurate.. huawei looks much better compared to that.

Stunna Williams says:

S20 for me don't care bout nobody else opinion

rich gaming says:

Unfortunately at the ment the S20 range is seriously underperforming in.the camera department. Samsung plan to release an update to improve this. I think this update has already started in certain countries. I might be fairer to recap on which has the better camera when.thia update has been released. From what I hear it's a big update that makes huge improvement. Let's hope so as my S20 ultra is garbage to say the least and not even close to my pixel 4.

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