Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – What's The Problem?

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How will the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera stack up against the other flagship smartphones?

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Unbox Therapy says:

Which smartphone we gonna do tomorrow?

the lithuania dominykas 312 says:

Can you unbox jbl partybox 1000????

Grebe says:

Location: Russia
Confirmed cases: 147
Deaths: 1
Status: public events get cancelled, some companies working from home, recommendions not to visit Europe, people stock grits and toilet paper

Rishen Cr says:

Im Malaysian , our whole country is under lockdown , no one allowed to go out , if we refused to do so the millitary will be taking over the country .

Jimmy Kam says:

im from malaysia, the people here are still not taking it seriously even after our government has restricted our movement. offices has been shut down but supermarkets are still operating for people to get their supplies. we are getting 100+ new cases daily and if the people continue to not take this seriously, we will easily surpass italy.

Christian Kiely says:

I'm in Cardiff, schools have closed and I'm working from home. Hope you're keeping safe Lew!

DonnyFrusciante III says:

The problem is it is a shitty phone…..

The Swadee says:

Location – India
Cases- 156
Deaths – 3
Cured- 7
Status- Schools and Colleges closed until 31st March. For college exams it is requested that students have to learn for exams only at home until 31st March.

Matej says:

Deaths-0 thank God
Status- Everything is closed

sumi gupta says:

Status:school, public places closed till 15th April

gligoviel says:

Country: netherlands
Full lockdown
No public places, restaurants or gyms
Atleast 1.5 meter distance between persons and no shaking hands
Oh and also online school got dammit

Ryan Meli says:

Malta everything is shutdown we have 50 cases in a population of 500,000 people on a very tiny island and we'll soon be put on lockdown

Andy Li says:

i got diagnosed positive

santa claus says:

Confirmed cases: 1486
Deaths: 14
Current situation: Lockdown, leaving the house for food and meds is allowed.

Sonic extra life fan says:

Russia. No i am Not traped. Everythings alright!

Hisham Ghuzlan says:

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Infected: 139
Deaths: 4
Recovered: 4
Status: Heath emergency, Stay at home, Do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary …etc

Brandon Jacobus says:

Pretoria, South Africa
Deaths: 0
Cases: 116 (18 march)
Status: getting worst. Poor government so we doomed. We still go to work and have to live as normal just wash hands I guess. Shops are slowly being emptied out

Stelian Stanciu says:

Germany , still working, Baden Württemberg 1600 cases. I guess in like a week we'll be all home! God save us as we save other species! Did we?!

Killer776James says:

I'm from srilanka and im trapped indoor

max Bob says:

Confirmed cases:2300ish
Lockdown: possibly Friday
Schools shut and university
So it sucks here rn:)

Lacho says:

State: Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany
Confirmed Cases:4743+
Deaths: 16
City: Cologne, Germany

Confirmed cases: 430+

Deaths: 1
Status: Supermarket und Pharmacys are open. We are in the real shit.
But the Natur is beautiful, blue sky, the birds are singing und the cherry trees are blossoming.
Happy to be alive
But waiting for the Global Reset

Seabelo Bua says:

Location: Botswana
Confirmed cases: 0
Deaths: 0

Status: restriction on crowds of more than 100 people, Government on high alert


Locaiton: Spain
Confirmed cases: 14000+
Deaths: 638
Cured: 1081
Status: we cant go on to the street if is not for going shopping or to the hospital, if the police see u outside for not good reason, they will give u a fine

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