Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Oppo Find X2 Pro – CAMERA Comparison! | The Tech Chap

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Which has the Best Camera? Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Oppo Find X2 Pro! In this Camera Comparison I test Photos, Videos, Selfies, Portraits & Night Mode shots to find out which is best!

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Izzat Zakwan Mohamed Shah says:

Oppo make you look albino

Cynical says:

Samsung killed it.

ThE RoCk says:

Your wife is so hot and sexy beautiful

Pier Andrea Notari says:

Cameras have same amount of pros and cons. What bothers me is the price tag on the Oppo. They can spec up the hell but it's still Oppo vs Samsung and I'd never spend more than 600 quid on one. No matter the specs.

A/X GAMING says:

Same2 fake oppo and Samsung

Akib Mahmud says:

1st visit on this channel, but you are amazing.. care on… love from bangladesh

Fabrizio Canazza says:

I think the white tone of your skin is more natural on the OPPO, all around the Samsung device is more pleasant even if fake in colours.

Lisa's bangs says:

Samsung is unmatched

Văn Nguyễn says:

The OPPO camera is black and white camera when compare with S20 Ultra.

Indi Dog says:

Just wanted to tell that if the Note 10 actually have better super steady than the ultra, as we know S20 ultra have a lot of issue on the camera side that looks and feel unfinished, even the regular S20 have an overall better camera quality compare to the ultra

Pranav Gowda says:

dude i watch your video to know which had better cam not we tell you which has one

Arinrada Rukchobthum says:

Hows degree wide lens of oppo fx2 pro??

Gentle Yo says:

Samsung wins but damn their pics are too saturated am not a fan

박원정 says:


Jules Sika says:

S20 ultra better than all

HawKisHunting says:

s20 ultra is probably best 2020 camera phone,,, BUT BUT BUT only if Samsung work on its software

Alfred Sarabia says:

Let's talk about his eyes

Sohaib Mahagri says:

1200 bucks what are they thinking pfff ridiculous nodody will buy this shit it's not bad but it should be 950 bucks max

Mr Low says:

Grey sky on Oppo

Ajun Junaidi says:

Oppo camera too bright, samsung camera natural..

baqa bilhusna says:

I like Oppo find x2 pro

Ade Teguh Prasetyo says:

2:29 What a lucky beautiful woman to marry this gorgeous guy.. I wish i can be in her position even for one night..

kiddo halter says:

U said u won't do samsung 20 ultra video till it gets a software update

Rennie Ash says:

7:17 I've seen a properly exposed shot from this Oppo and it looks better than the Samsung imo. Samsung has too much smoothing and NR on the high zoom shots

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