Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison

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Here is my long awaited Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test and Comparison is the most heated in recent smartphone history with Samsung’s brand new 108MP Sensor. Which one takes the win? Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera or Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera? Don’t forget to watch my Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and 8K Camera Video Test. Galaxy S20 review and Galaxy S20 Camera review also coming soon. Can’t all be about the Ultra!

Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and 8K Video and Photo Samples:

Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Video Stabilization Test:

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Danny Winget says:

Which camera took it? Team Galaxy S20’s Ultra or Team Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Felix says:

Hey danny, Is there a reason why even with this much hardware, S20U is not drastically better than the 11?

Willian says:

lmao Iphone's still better.

Alex Charonitis says:

Good job sam

whyguitarguy1 says:

2:33 plENTY of detail alright

Shaikh Avesh says:

iPhone’s camera is keeping up with Samsung’s 108 mp camera lol what have Samsung done wrong 🤣

Salieri Amadeus says:

The clouds! Notice the details of the clouds on the iPhone.😳 The stabilisation & night shots on the S20 Ultra though are so good. 👍🏻

Marilin Puig says:

Phone cameras are getting insanely good! You win with either one. I'm looking forward to the Note series, which is the one I get yearly. Everything should be ironed out by then.

عبد المنعم طلعت says:

When take night mode take it with 12 pixel not 108 and see different

Dante Terreros says:

HDR in the iPhone is better but the S20 is more versatile, anyway, for me, I wouldn't care having a slightly worse camera but more personalisation and freedom in the phone, anyway, it's the taste you have in phones at last, but thanks for the comparison, probably the best ever, lots of photos and situations, keep up the good work c:

X ` says:

I'd say, as of right now, iPhone is pretty impressive considering that's not techincally a "2020" phone, I am kinda disappointed on the S20 Ultra, hopefully the software updates will improve the camera by a lot. I'll wait and see how it will do after an update.

camboteav says:

I have an s10 plus and I don't have any problem with focusing.this is the first YouTube comparison which I've seen that show more focusing issues with the still pics and more overexposure..maybe there was a smudge on your camera lens?maybe scene detector caused too much exposure? I turn mine off in the s10 plus and shots turn out better..other vids usually show the s20 ultra out on top of the iPhone but this video seems to be neck and neck depending on what your looking for camera wise..I think s20 ultra is better overall phone though with all the features that is packed into it as a whole.

K P says:

Thank you so much for posting the comparisons between these two phones. Pictures from my Samsung 9 don't even remotely compare to the new 20. Those pictures come out so much clearer, especially in the backgrounds. Now I'm sold on getting another new Samsung. Thank you again😃

Fernando Castillo says:

Why Apple don't fix that sky flickering in video tho? 😭 quality and noise reduction are top notch but that smart HDR flickering is horrible

Miguel Romero says:

Filmic Pro ?

Jevarius Bennett says:

Sir you earned a subscription today for the sheer unbiased review thank you I haven’t seen one this good since super saf and xeethcare

Kancha Baloch says:

iPhone 📱 always the best

Enagee says:

Just do the battery test already

Herbert Upo says:

Considering the prices of these devices… iPhone wins

Cvetko Plavčak says:


NycProductions says:

It may claim to have 9x the resolution but it doesn’t look 9x sharper


Compare the xperia 1 mk2 vs iPhone 11 pro max


1:07 well…

Baburo101 says:

I'm glad I I watched it to the end… Cos I was going to say Samsung no matter what. Lol

George Azzopardi says:

Nahhh man still the pro max is sooo realistic colors pure HDR

Marton Juhasz says:

The S20 Ultra has a really shallow depth of field… practically nothing is in focus

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