Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test: Photo + 8K Video!

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Here is my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing. I wanted to include a Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test with both 108MP Camera Photos and 8K Video with corrections so you can see what the quality is like. The Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Zoom is also included up to 100X and the Full Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Review is coming soon! Samsung Galaxy S20 unboxing and Galaxy S20 review is also coming soon (ordered today) and samsung galaxy s20 camera test and review will follow. Let me know what you think!

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DISCLAIMER: Spigen is a long term channel sponsor and does not sponsor every segment that shows up in my videos. I have been using Spigen since the start of my tech journey and these products I endorse with or without sponsorship. Basically these cases kick ass no matter what.


Danny Winget says:

What do you think of the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? Did you hit 8K on the resolution when watching or did you computer blow up? 😂

Ken Roman says:

Samsung should be ashamed of themselves talking about 100x..I would never even use the 30x..In microscopy this is what is known as useless magnification.

link nelson says:

Have the same Spigen on my note 8 since Nov 2017, great cases. Used them with my last 3 phones

Nick Cranston says:

3m14s before anything about the phone… wtf.

jl644 says:

a 1.4k phone without a earphone jack!?

damn man says:

zoom is scam

Hung T says:

These samples are awesome. Samsung should be paying you for this.

OnePlus7Pro IsBoss says:

Nothing tops the S20 models today period everyone takes a major back seat. Note20 is next Samsung sweeps the camera and smartphone game.

Dean Luciano says:

Pre ordered the Ultra today. It sucks they were out of the 512gb version when I got to ordering. I really wanted to check out that 16gb ram.

TheJoker says:

Looks stunning but no 3.5mm adapter? Bastards.

Młody Gil says:

1:27 what is this?

Thomas Kahl says:

This phone doesn't look good, hoping for a better look of the Note20

Jeff Ashun says:

Watching 8k on a phone is pointless..

Jay Gunz says:

Glad i watched this on 4k. That image quality is amazing! I am sold…now, question is S20+ or Ultra??!?!

PkmnMasterHolly says:

I have to get this phone!!

Andre Ayton says:

The liquid air is my favorite case from spigen 👌🏾

Vikingdom says:

That's one hell of a c̵a̵m̵e̵r̵a̵ phone. Thumbs up Samsung.

Olusegun Confort says:

What about the AUDIO (SAMSUNG too?)

Mr. Low-key - san says:

That depth of field I'm very impressed 👌🏻

chigga25 says:

Damn this camera is bananas. Crazy that the iPhone 11 took the crown a few months ago and gots smacked now. I must have this phone

TankQ says:

Thanks for the fast video danny, was curious about that 100x space zoom, wondered if it has topez gigapixel ai to sharpen it. My thoughts is 8k video good, wonder if the 300% of the 108mp wide main will look sharp enough to crop into, say down to 12mp, I'm guessing yes, 400% still looks a bit blotchy, 10x hybrid looks borderline, not enough for birding quality, 30x oh it so needs gigapixel, and 100x is just watercolour.

David Pálka says:

That camera results are insanebut what is big surprise for me is the sound quality in video recording test 🙂

Test Test says:

intro of the video, you went a bit too relaxing. boxes and papers flying where. but the photos, nice! you got some nice photography skills. showing some superb detail on that tiny monster

drag Lesnar says:

Ive maxed out my 144p pc

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