Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

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Galaxy S20 Ultra is the “pro” of Samsung’s lineup.

Galaxy S20 and S20+:

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Saif rehman says:

Who is watching in S😋20

Dani Chen says:

Deep down you know you don’t really need this phone. Unnecessarily extra on sheet and practically you won’t be using as much spec as it has.

Rakibul Hasan says:

The Best tech Youtuber….

suvasish das says:

Hey Thanks for your video. I have three queries to you as I gonna buy a new device. Its very important to me….

1. Do you think Ultra's auto focus can be fixed by software update? or its hardware issue? if it is hardware then whats the fate of this device?

2. Does s20+ have same issue?

3. Whats the difference between Note 10 + camera module and s20 Ultra / s20+ camera module? Thanks

Manpz Johal says:

Watching on my Ultra🤑

Periklis Dosis says:

Buying a phone + a portable camera still less $$$ than an S20 Ultra… Thats sad!

DruX26 says:

actually, I planned to buy the note 20 ultra when it'll be released but there are two reasons for me to be scared:
A. if the s20 ultra is priced at 1399$ minimum, the note version will be at least 1549$.
B. samsung's 1399$ pricing reminds me of pewdiepie's 399$

Sean Forte says:

R.I.P. BROOOOOO!!!!!!!!



fastfed f says:

120hz only on 1080, why doesn't he mention that

Lyubov Paul says:

Samsung is shit

Lyubov Paul says:

S20 ultra gay

MORNING _ says:

I dont understand why there is need of 12/16 gb ram on a phone ??

BBQ Chicken says:

quick everyone.. isis is stood next to him whispering coronavirus in the video at 1:37 forcing him film this video, save mkbhd..


1:09 🔥💖💚

MiDo ZeN says:

12 to 16 gigs of ram
Meanwhile my computer is struggling with 4 gigs of ram

Jay K says:

I just canceled my s20+ 5G due to stronger frequencies. Any phones that have 5G causes cancer. I'll stick with 4G for now even though it's still harmful, but lesser than 5G.

vin uso says:

It is absolutely no different then my g4 that I had last week..absolutely no difference..I still get no reception in my areas that I had g4..its all bullshit..I'm no better off from that I went to g5..its all bullshit

G S says:

No more smaller sizes? Like S10e?

swanzy mensah says:

Sorry to tell you. U are wrong about the 108mp camera makes a big difference. And the price is worth it..

Alex Misra says:

Ok but why do I need to an 8k camera and 16 gigs of ram 🐏 for calling and scrolling through a site??

scarswell12 says:

Someone needs to do a video on a pro mode camera test. I would love to see how far the raw photos can be pushed with a little post work.

Uzoma Inyama says:

You’re holding the phone over a high place. Makes me nervous

Jamie James says:

That phone is more powerful than my laptop sheesh lol

Chris M. says:

Samsung: 100X Zoom
Apple: 1000X Zoom

Chrontard says:

still no review

zeezeebo says:

1400$? I’m fine with the s10 plus!!!

Jữnįör 888 says:

HEY brother do you have a Samsung referral code that you will like to share please .

Honesh Vithal says:

What will happen if we try the 100x Zoom towards the Mighty Sun 🌞🔱 ?

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