Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Hands-On Camera Review

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Is it living up to the hype? We take the phone around Seattle putting it through the wringer, from 108MP to 100x zoomies, we look over all the features Samsung boasted about. What do you think?

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Moment says:

Are you picking up the S20?

Grab a case/lens set here 👉

Grab phone filters here 👉

Claude Molitor says:

Did you add any filter or edit the pics somehow? Or were these the raw images? Great video👍

The Nomad Lifestyle says:

I love your video guys. It's really chill. Love the music. I really like that you are testing the camera in the streets to debunk the hype. Do you know the max zoom in video mode?

Abner Cadavedo says:

I want to see the .. night shot also the portrait mode .. thanks moment

Earl Hall says:

There energy is everything!

Iván Velázquez Olivares says:

in your honest opinion, s20 ultra or iphone 11 pro max ? THANKS

A-RAY11 says:

oh the moustauche guy is so sexy, im getting horny.

Leonardo says:

Put that 58mm on the periscope and let's see 200x zoom lmao

Mateusz Widuliński says:

If you are a spy and are working for some country intelligence agency then 100x zoom is for you LoL …other than that I will look closely in to my neighbour windows at opposite building ;D

Fat numb Boy says:

What about portrait mode? Hope samsung had improved on that feature..

Joshua hofwijks says:

Dat 100x picture

robert haibi says:

Why do I get the feeling it's going to take nearly identical photos to the Note 10 even with these new sensors. The 108mp resolution aside it all comes down to image processing on a phone.

D K says:

Why do you need "single take" when you can simply take a video, pause and screenshot

Matt Macaskill says:

Great video! Super helpful to see an in depth review of the cameras on this phone. Honestly though, only subscribing because of the last second Moment graphic of the video. "Like – Comment – Submarine". Have to say that got me. You've earned yourselves a subscriber with that subtle comedy. Keep it up gentlemen!!

Ricardo Camizão says:

How about file size?

Tsyuna Desu says:

Nice with that zoom feature android fanboys can finally take dick pics.

Rayshawn Ward says:

Wish me luck yall I gotta convince my wife to let me buy one

muhammad faiz says:

Mo-ustace brother

H von says:

8K jumping footage

Geof Ronayne says:

A bit ofLamb of God for ya @9:16

Jack Sparow says:

I feel that their camera is worse than the Samsung one's

William Fugere says:

Dang. I was hoping that the anamorphic lens would work on the telephoto camera.

RP Shanks says:

Really i'm just waiting on camera review for the s20+ everyone wants to see the ultra but i wanna see the difference in the 200 your paying for the ultra and the + how good is the regular s20+ camera

mahmood hamadi says:

Watching an 8k video on my j6 2018 that only supports up to 780p 😁

Ron Cosby says:

This is the best camera test ever on a phone. I think you guys really showed the best of the ultra and both your's and it's talents .


I will use 100x to find water on moon.😌😌😌

Mani Boparai says:

nice guys , but why you did'nt show any portrait shot images , we would like to see portrait shots of S20 ultra 😉

Rohan Wicks says:

I'd love to see how it fairs in one of your film-making vlogs, and for a justification of if it is or is not worth an upgrade from the predecessor or an Iphone 11pro that is being used for film-making. I hope this makes sense XD

Igor Helal says:

Please, tell me about maximum zoom at portrait mode. 1x and 2x only? Thanks for the amazing video!!!

Melissa Jolie Pierre says:

100x Bigfoot shot.

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