Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cosmic Black unboxing | camera, fingprint, face unlock tested

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Vy Vo Xuan says:

Sorry, i mistake, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 128GB 12GB RAM
, UFS 3.0

недовольный says:

в рфию чехлы не положенны.и так купят

Innerhype says:

Jesus, that thing is thick AF

Naceer Amine says:

Samsung is robbery
Iphone huge robbery
Xiaomi respect

Youssef Gharbi says:

Samsung fan here

des says:

I love Samsung but at this time the design is really got worse, is even more twice, that cameras on the back are objectively terrible and it's huge, impossible to keep in your pocket. Note 10 Plus is much nicer than this.

Alter Ego says:

S20 plus is better phone to buy. That 100x space zoom is just marketing gimmick. But if you like phone with 108 mp theres a lot of phone with cheaper price to choose. Spent your money wisely.

Mohammed adnan says:

Do we get snapdragon in India…?

B Man says:

no 5g in this one?

Ruslan Davudov says:

3:09 with a new software updat You can use [email protected] but it shuts down when phone gets too hot or battery is low(5-10%) which isnt that big deal. The camera update is already out and 108mp is now much sharper when you zoom in the picture. Phone is actually 6.7 inches because of the more screen… So its not that big phone.. Compared to Huawei Mate 20x 😌

Fitri Van Persie says:

How come its LTE? All Samsung Ultra should be in 5G.. LTE version was not release yet..

Joe Reynado says:

Not on high performance mode 😑

D rob says:

The camera is muddy

Arthur morgan says:

My local store only have s20 and plus variants for demo, cant wait to get my hands on ultra

Sinaga Buton says:

Samsung S20 Ultra 😘

rcrd8 says:

Not released yet. How can you have it 😂

Bakhtiar Uddin says:

that antutu score sucks for an "ultra" priced phone, even an iphone 11 pro can easily make a score of 537,000+

sp says:

Can you upload an video with Camera test between note 10 lite and s20 ultra……..
Please upload………

status45 says:

I'm on the fence between 20 + and the S20 Ultra, I really like that big screen can you tell me if it's too big for you? do you think I'll get used to it? Weight is okay in pocket?

Tommy Marquis says:

Antutu 493k that suck snapdragon 855+ do better, i ordered the s20 ultra but with s865

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