Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera review

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Here’s a full, detailed review of Galaxy S20 Ultra monster of a camera. We go in depth about the camera’s sharpness, daylight and low-light performance, as well as 8K video quality and put to test the 100X Space Zoom.

▶ Our full Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G video review is here:

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▶ Check out the full phone specs:

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JustBoyan says:

3:59 "Български пощи" Аз си знаех, че сте Българи .. <_>

Ado says:

Taking photos with this phone it's like taking photo with a flip phone. Can't believe they released a phone with such a shitty camera

Sunit Pawar says:

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is best camera smartphone in the world

Leevon ALLEN JR says:

This phone don't cover lost in stolen by Samsung I was told I think for any phone that cost almost rent or mortgage it's a shame 😡 if you buy it unlocked you lost I was thinking about going to iPhone

Mattia Giglio says:

Why there is no hdr always on but just automatic???

El Chombo Custom Dioramas says:

I just purchased this phone, and took a few selfies and videos, but apparently when doing so in flipping camera around (I guess what you call main rear camera), the selfies and videos are backwards. Meaning the letters and numbers are backwards in the video. Is there a fix to that?

Luciano Corrotea says:

what camera use in this video?

TheChazas says:

Find X2 Pro for a camera review.

tastemysaucer says:

This is so ridiculous.. they keep playing off of people's ignorance and just adding more pixels to sell phones to fools. My 6P still takes better pictures and it's got 12mp, but the sensor is big for a phone. Those s20 samples barely look better than my mom's G7.

Vedran Alajbegovic says:

Where did you shoot this examples? Which city?

samuel castauro says:

With the addition of google camera plugin images would be amazing

Muhammad Rian Ardianto says:

Still happy with Note9…..once a flagship, always a flagship

Mh Z says:

where to download the sample picture?

Ben Bezuidenhout says:

You can test my opinion:

4to3 ratio 108mp Samsung S20 Ultra pics look worse than Note 9, 12mp 4to3 ratio. Even when you zoom in at max.
I think this is fake hardware. I think this is only software. You do get image resize software and this is what this camera offers. Only software. Not true 108mp hardware.

Salah says:

No word on the autofocus issues and the softness of the images.

sausama77 says:

You should include in your reviews whether the phone is capable of changing lens while recording videos or not

Modikoe Pule says:

this camera system is not a great upgrade. to be honest I'm disappointed. Samsung is falling victim to hypes and gimmicks than actual results. Variable aperture was a great hardware, improve it instead of removing it, dual pixel? Samsung removed the same tech used on dslr systems in the name of higher pixel, now there's numerous complaints about focus hunting. I use 960fp all the time, replacing it with some funny upscaling is not the way. Apart from the zoom lens which to some level is also a gimmick, what am I paying for??

Shata Lizer says:

We just wanna see Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 review.

Modikoe Pule says:

before videos were popular, your website is probably the reason why I know so much about phones. I love that you guys pay particular attention to details about phones that no other reviewer does. You guys might not be as popular on a YouTube platform but website wise your the BEST. Oh we also lost 960 slows, my gawd, all in the name of a 108 pixel sensor??

ccsmallengines says:

$1300 for a phone? I'm all set. Can guarantee it'll last as long as my $350 Motorola

Adam Youtuberski says:

@GSM Arena, looks like your focus on S20 Ultra has deprived us of getting decent S20/S20+ review. Is there any review comming any time soon?

Darlington Iyke says:

Why note 10 and not S10….the s20 is a progression of the s10 not note 10

Josh Weaver RC says:

I'm not wanting to loose my 960 fps

Jessie Birax says:

why does everybody get confused. the real optical zoom level is not 4x

tarek Mohammad says:

Best review ever 👌🏻😍

tarek Mohammad says:

Of course it is worth it

It's worth it. says:

Samsung camera software is terrible.

Phillip Pugh says:

Been rocking my s20 ultra last 2 days this is the beast mode phone

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