Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera hands-on and unboxing

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the S20 Ultra 5G’s cameras at a glance! We also do a quick unboxing so we don’t miss any details that make this phone special.

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▶ Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G specs

▶ Track Info: A Lost Generation 3 by Martin Landh

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Longi Music says:

Dope new phone 🔥🔥

Apep TV says:

Hi pleas suppor me #ApepTV

Chris Tmg says:

Why the hell do you sound so much like Zack from JerryRigEverything 😂

BC Jordan says:

I can't watch this… no offense but someone else needs to do these videos. Clearly reading bullet points which just sounds unnatural, uninspired, and frankly boring. Channel needs someone with more personality, fluidity, and genuineness. An old Mac text to speech would have been more entertaining and pleasing to listen to during this presentation.

Candy Boy says:

Can we click 108mp raw photos in the pro mode? That would be awesome to edit and work with

Brad Kendall says:

I think you mean $1,400… no one knows wtf 1300 euros are. Don't be weird. Foreigner….

Brad Kendall says:

You're useful to take a look at far away objects… you go to look at some objects far away

Saïd Saïd says:

Why you're guys are not talking or covering any of umidigi phones ?! Great specs for low price competing with Xiaomi all over asia check out their new Power 3 !!!!!

OneStopShop says:

Its becoming harder for people like me who love tech & who switch phones every year to buy phones if they're $1500 that's BS!

Geno says:

Suck it apple

Luke Burton says:

Why do all phone reviewers put on really stupid voices? If this dude spoke to me like this I'd get well pissed off lmao

David Montalvo says:

Everybody is talking about the 120hz, but does it work on video?
(vudu, Hulu, YouTube and vimeo)

atlgator says:

What kills me is the fact I this is filmed in Bulgaria. And their English is better than many folks I see every day, in Atlanta.

Njoi Fontes says:

please do a camera comparison with the mate 30 pro.

TechnoFuzz says:

Just really wish the screen wasn't so big 🙁 Over here happy with my S8


Can u compare pls the 1p8mp camera to the 12mp on the other models, is the result really worth it to pay the extra money or it's just a marketing

Alex Moore says:

I’ll buy it in 2 years when it’s $400

Timothy Yap says:

Hi Will! I'd like to ask how you got a free case while other youtubers didn't? And where can the Snapdragon variant be bought?

David Elliott Lewis says:

Thanks Will Gove from GSMARENA. I can't wait for the eventual delivery of the S20 Ultra Note. I am sorry to learn, however, that the main camera's variable aperture feature was dropped. Also, omitting auto focus from one of their cameras is another setback. As for the eliminated feature of super slow motion, I have mixed reactions. While I doubt many used it, it is still a step down. All of these deleted features do give me some pause and decrease my enthusiasm.

Cookie says:

Yes, $1399 is a lot for a phone. But compared to what you get, 100x zoom, 108mp camera, 5000mah battery, 40mp front camera, etc.
Not what you get on a $1k phone

leisurefarm says:

Note 9 has a more complete features set

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