Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Camera Test Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison! Night Mode, Video test, 8K comparison, Selfie & More.

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Switching to 4K did not help reduce the noise on S20+ vs iPhone. It was pretty much the same noise as 8K, With that being said, It was shot in a very dark condition and both did pretty fair job.
Also 8K is at 24fps*

David Nelson says:

Good review I ordered the Ultra but with apparent hardware issues with the Autofocus I have opted for the 20+ , If it dosn't work out I will go back to Apple in October

JordanJ says:

Audio sounds so much better on the Ultra.

Ali Husnain says:

Camera Comparison + House Tour

Itchy Scratchy says:

Why is this in 50fps?

julyvibe says:

s20 + lookin like it might be in my pocket next

Naomi D says:

The s20 is lovely

Hans Solo says:


Dark Night says:

8k still gimmick iPhone still beating them all they make low quality phones I don’t know why people don’t admit it all these Korean Chinese companies making shitty phones full of none sense that’s why I like apple they focus on quality I use iPhone 11 still uses regular lcd but still prefer it then oled or amoled display looks much better I focus on quality people can shit on apple all they want but that’s why they sell not because of apple sign becaUse me I never spend 1100 on a phone and yet I bought iPhone 11 again not because apple sign I’m not into that I used Samsungs and androids they are laggy annoying and don’t work well iOS and apple devices are simply made to work and apple got great customer service that’s another bonus for me I know where to go when there is issues unlike Samsung have to ship them the phone which is None sense they have like one repair store in Canada and are private and never wanna fix your phones

neil 225 says:

Could you do a quick video on how the phones handle sunset and sunrise? I find this a great hdr challenge on most cameras.

John L says:

the cameras on the iphone are damn ugly.

Sunil Sunil says:

IPhone πŸ‘

Gayuh Adi Susetyo says:

S20 ultra: hello!

Yeoh Chin Kee says:

I want to win a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!!!
@ supporter From Malaysia

Yatendra Parashar says:

Samsung is the best

Gaetano Crisci says:

you didn't mention Night mode also for ultra wide for the S20

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