Samsung Galaxy S20+ Cloud Blue unboxing | camera, fingerprint, face unlock tested

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airupthur ML23 says:

Just pre-ordered my S20 plus can't wait to get mine in tht same colour! Spec sheet is crazy tho🙏

Talal Awad says:

Man city fans will love this colour 🌀🌀

SuperMan19867 says:

no night mode 🙁

Larry Peters says:

This kinda music makes me wanna just walk around the store and just browse stuff

Michael Jared says:

How did u able to get the phone before march 6? 😮😮😮

world of confusion says:

same score as my one plus 7 pro get

Karl Chris says:

What it's freebies when pre ordered?

Andie Kusuma says:

antutu score only 400k?

CHARLES 13X says:

What no making obnoxious remarks during the unboxing, I think I like this

Lucian Lazar says:

Is it just me or it is thicker than the s10+?

Bernie Remulta says:

It looks cheap. Should cost less the price

Ryan Haddad says:

Thank you for this unboxing

Aco K says:

Can you do a standby battery test please? I was wondering about new exynos chipset..

Patrick star says:

I was waiting for the box to be empty or have some other phone inside,, and him freaking out 😂

Silver says:

Just preoreder mine woohooo

UNIQUE G says:

Does it come with earphones or earbuds

sebastian joker 600 says:

I can't believe you're the first person to unbox and have it on Samsung Galaxy S20

The pat Oof says:

How about s20 ultra

Alen Iskandar says:

Penerus samsung a10s ada gak gan?

Bilawal Memon says:

My S10 plus got 168150 in GPU
414943 total score
Exynos 990 does have new features but performance wise progress isn't significant over S10 series

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