Samsung Galaxy S20 camera review

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Following our Galaxy S20 review, here’s an in-depth look at the CAMERA PERFORMANCE and IMAGE QUALITY of the phone’s beefy camera setup. We also compare it to the Galaxy S20 Ultra to see whether Samsung’s top-tier phone is any better or whether the Galaxy S20 can stand its own.

▶ Samsung Galaxy S20 video review:

▶ To learn more, read our detailed text review:

▶ Check out the full phone specs:

▶ Track Info: Born to Change, Turn it Up, and Halfway Heart by Johan Glossner

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.


GSMArena Official says:

Also check out our Galaxy S20 review:

Felipe Luco Navarro says:

Does anyone know if, because of the ToF (Time-of-flight) sensor, the S20+ have better portrait photos (with blur background) than the S20 (regular)?

Malik Montgomery says:

As of now I regret getting the s20 plus for some reason my s9+ camera looked a lot better

anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary says:

Samsung S20 camera nice

Iyam_ nandu says:

Are you guys going to address the overheating issue on the Exynos versions!?

shauquan Michael says:

I don't mean to come off as sarcastic, but does anyone really and truly care about zooming in so much on photos, the s20 is great, 2 years ago we were pretty satisfied with what we had in our cameras, now we're so happy with the regular pictures that we're looking for flaws in what it can't do lol, I guess that's the only way to progress

Budget Gamerz says:

$1000 is budget now?

Jacky Chong says:

Your contry block down? My place locked down ale

victor Igwe says:

Could as well be a dslr cam. Excellent!

Yux.T N. says:

5:15 is that not the same as the motion shot?

Sylo bloc says:

Sorry but who tf cares about natural bokeh? If I wanted a blurred background I would turn on the Live Focus/Portait Mode. I want the main sensor to be clear, both subject and background. With S20 Ultra, both the Auto and Live Focus mode have blurred background, why the fck give the option then 🤣

Xistence Studios says:

Budget friendly……

Farid Yahya Muyassar says:

Please do samsung A51 and A71

Andrew Burgin says:

Why?have Samsung overpriced these phones just amazes people,loads will be looking for a phone that they can afford, they always seem to let us down

Hannen says:

I like GSMArena’s approach to keep camera review detached from the main review, as in the past the camera segment took out the chunk from the video.

Med Help says:

This dude is about to turn super saiyan with that hair.

Rami Lejonhjärta says:

No. Heard so many bad things about this S20 with Exynos. So help me, should I buy OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy Note 10+ or Xiaomi 10 Pro?

Kyaw si Thu says:

Is look pretty nice thank bro

YouTube Waste says:

S20+ 💪🏻📲😍

GK M says:

Watching it on my s20 cloud blue 💙 😍

Reason says:

Other reviews discuss the excessive face smoothing by Samsung cameras.

ezekiel valente says:

Nice review as always

MarJun. TV.2k20 says:

Good Phone but it is quite expensive. You will surely think many times before purchasing one. For now, it is for my eyes only…😂😂😂

Ks-man24 says:

There's no instragram mode tho

Φιλιππος Γιαννακος says:

why all the video samples are at 30fps? Also all cameras at s20 can record video at 4K 60FPS ?

Ted Thomas says:

"nothing to sneeze at" 👀

General Video says:

Nice to see Gsmarana provide separate videos for camera review. Hope to see more from other phone models

Davi Jones says:

"Unlike the s20 ultra, it has just 3 cameras on the back" boring right. Wow

Bishal Pratap says:

Please compare iphone 11 n s20 plus camera

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