Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Review (in-depth)

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Review:
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Hacks 'n' Crafts says:

Very detailed video and actually makes me feel that the galaxy s20 is not as bad as I thought compared to the s20 ultra, and is way more affordable. The s20 is too underrated. Loved the video 😁😁


Compare Regular s20 with oneplus 8 pro.

Corbin_Dallas550 says:

Looking specifically at the camera, with the time of flight camera on the S20 plus Make it a better option to get over the regular S20? I'm considering using the ToF camera for the 3D scanner But not really sure if that's worth getting it over the regular 20

Llawliet Otero says:

very nice review, take a like, underrated video

fahad naem says:

Nice review as this exynos varient or SD?

Topex says:

Thanks to you I bought a Galaxy A8 2018 for the way you explained it, so I think it is time to make the change to this s20, it always explains in the best way and I like that 🙂

Mohammad Aslam says:

Wow😮 amazing💕😍 video🎥📹

wilson ndebay says:

I'll rather keep the 1000 and get the Oppo Find X2.

Vishal Giri says:

very impressive camera performance, great video Linus!!

arham butt says:

Which country do u live it's so beautiful 😍

Clarence Chan says:

Blown out hightlights as always

Vasilis Prepos says:

Very nice review! I have a question! You think is worthy to spend more money and buy S20 instead of S10+??? My main criteria after the price is screen, camera and battery! Thanks in advance.

CC CC says:

Whow how house is that

MSD says:

Hi Linus, can you please share the photos in full res? thanks 🙂

Beth Roberts says:

I’m an Apple girl have been for years but so bored of the phones being the same and very expensive so I have decided to move to Samsung and waiting on this phone delivery hope I won’t be disappointed! .

Jigar B Jadav says:

I like the video with All Camera Settings ☺

Daniel Esimu says:

One of the best devices indeed. But prices are going high and higher.

narendra pradipta says:

Thanks at least I'm not regretting for choosing this phone

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