Samsung Galaxy S20 5G vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison Test!

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TechDaily says:

Jump straight to 04:15 for the pics & video samples  👍🏻
p.s. I took these pictures a number of days ago before the situation with coronavirus got worse. I've been safe & quarantined for a bit now. Hope you guys are doing well too ☺️

Derrick - says:

whats up with the quality in the video sample on the s20? I have an s20 and videos don't come out that hazy

Rohit Arora says:

You guys are lucky to get the Snapdragon version, our Exynos version is crap.

S10 won from S20

PeDrO Velez Jr says:

I remember when iPhone used to crushed how times have wins in my eyes.

Rennie Ash says:

iPhone tends to clip highlights at certain scenes.
More realistic result, more refined tuning of hardware available.
Video is better.

Samsung tends to clips blacks in this s20 series.
More eye pleasing result in many scenes, may not always be what you like.
Larger sensors are helping here.
Video still not quite as good as the iPhone, detail is definitely lacking if super steady mode is used.

They are very close in daylight stills

Zaynthetic Gaming says:

Give me suggestion which one I need to buy iPhone 11 or galaxy s20?

Mohammad Aslam says:

My pick s20 any day

chinmay mishra says:

iphone 11 has great stabilisation while shooting video

btw both the phones are awesome 💯💯

Sajeel Khan says:

i would have loved some human subjects too.. gotta see them skin tones from the rear camera setup

Vinícius Bastos Farias says:

First: always try to explain in which mode you are recording (for example, 1080p 30 fps), at night if you are using night mode or not.

Second: the videos on s20 were all out of focus and you said nothing about it, I think you should have given your analysis. I would say there was something wrong with you device or configurations.

Lastly, i would really apreciate if you wold show de shutter speed in the photos, especially at night time. Samsung has been really bad at taking photos of moving subjects because of the long exposure time, I would like to know if they correct it.

Anyway, good job e continue with the work!

Faysal Bhaia says:

I'm getting the iphone 11

Bishal Pratap says:

S20videos are shaky I don't know why but iphone videos are buttery …. I phone is always the best

Durgesh says:

Night time shorts and videos slightly better in iPhone 11 rest is best in S20.. Also you have more versatility in S20 like Super slow mo, pro photo and video mode, 30x zoom, recoding from front and back camera in single shoot etc..

Garret141076 says:

S20 does better on highlights where iphone over exposes. But iphone does a bit better in shadows.
But in the end I think they're bot good.

Mayar Elazzazy says:

iPhone 11 is better 💜

Jessie Birax says:

Iphone looks like a brick in front of S20. What an embarrassment

Jessie Birax says:

Note10plus vs S20 ultra fast

Olaf Wouters says:

4:28 you mixed up the zoomed images

Matheuz says:

S20 is amazing 😍

Javier Strive !!! says:

10:41 The Irony

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