Samsung Galaxy S10e Camera vs iPhone XR Comparison Test!

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Here is the Samsung galaxy s10e vs iPhone XR Camera comparison test! The galaxy s10e camera has dual cameras with ultrawide angle while the iphone xr has just one lens. iPhone XR vs galaxy s10e camera has been the most requested since they are the same price, the galaxy s10e unboxing had to take a back burner! Galaxy s10, galaxy s10 plus and galaxy s10e review coming soon. Until then enjoy the galaxy s10e camera review and comparisons on the channel. Subscribe for more Samsung Galaxy s10e reviews and camera tests!

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Danny Winget says:

Which camera comparison do you want to see next with the Galaxy S10 Series? Make sure you catch up on the other comparisons on the channel!

In Slow mo says:

I think,that XR better than S10e!


Samsung offers more for the value my son… There is no comparison between hardware. Samsung is so far a head of the game than apple

lana lana says:

The XR have more vibrancy

Shohag Islam says:

Yeap.going to bye s10e

gelloyangster yang says:

the xr seems more decent and not blown out. i'm a samsung user btw

Antoine Collignon says:

Apple is always about the natural looking. You capture what you see.
Samsung and all other brand are just heavily lifting everything you see. Fuck that

Aldo Monteiro Junior says:

i´m going to buy a s10e for many other reasons but i prefer the iphone natural colors. Is there any way to adjust s10e cam to get colors more natural and similar to iphone ?

Tadeo Andrade says:

S10e winner

Tri Susilo says:

He looks pale on S10e

Tomsterr says:

Both excellent cameras. More important is do you want IOS or Android.

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