Samsung Galaxy S10e Camera Review | One week later…

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Samsung may have stripped out the third telephoto lens from the Galaxy S10e camera, yet this ‘Essential’ phone still offers some strong photo and video quality in most conditions. Here’s our full review after a full week of testing the S10e around London.

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The phone’s primary lens is a 12MP shooter with dynamic aperture, which can change on the fly between f/1.5-f/2.4 depending on the environmental conditions. You also get built-in OIS, which can be used for both photo and video capture. And this is accompanied by a 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide shooter, which serves up a 123-degree view of the world.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy S10e stack up for photo and video quality? Well, check out the video for a selection of our test samples, but this cut-price premium handset delivers punchy-looking snaps in most conditions, faltering only when the dual aperture auto-switching goes a bit crazy. On Pro mode, you can get great results every time.

As for video, the S10e can record up to 4K resolution video with HDR or HDR10+ support, while the new Super Steady feature has to be seen to be believed.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review!


magic one says:

could you cut the music please? I'm here only for to know about the Samsung S10e camera!

Dezt says:

I just want to know how good or bad is the audio quality in video recording, like concerts or playing guitar at home

9RULZ ــ GAMER says:

Does the S10E's front camera better than the iphone 7 plus "s camera ?

Linh in The Netherlands Tran says:

After updating the new version, the camera doesn't work as good as the original version 😡

Ninja says:

I reckon the phone it self is just mind blowing I'm getting it today at jb hi fi

wakeupnow says:

Help me decide between this camera and the one in oneplus 7t! Thank you

Aminin625 says:

Going from an iphone, does the s10e have slow Mo and time-lapse ??? I use them a lot and am hesitant to make the switch

sammy jabu says:

Does the selfie can zoom?

Tiago Rib says:

Hey gusy, should i pick
s9+ or s10e cameras?

Rff Rff says:

Leave the obnoxious music out next time please.

John Jeffrey Aduna says: hi guys i use s10e for my vlogs pls watch and subscribe

Action Cam Moto says:

What a lousy accent god damn

Username Password says:

I got a s10e(exynos) it has THE WORST in lower light situation video out of any phone atm,its complete trash if you take videos and you dont have perfect lighting dont get the phone everything is a blurr and as if it cant focus 3/10 bcs its ok outdoors

Twenty Psycho says:

Please tell how much s10e have cameras 3 or 2

Rotondwa Mudau says:

You talk so fast 😥😥😥😥😥

oddy says:

I think the front camera is fucking horrible

Maji Arrow says:

Y is the selfie camera so fucking close on my face is there a way to change it

søul_editżx says:

Do they have portrait mode?

Noel Druzetic says:

My pictures from s10e are bad… too soft and not sharp at all.. how can I fix that?

Angel Asheqa says:

Why camera quality is almost a same as my s9plus? Now im canceling s10e upgrade now

AutomotiveCNC says:

Important!!! At low light conditions, shooting videos at 4K with 60 frames per second produces considerably darker and noisier picture quality, whereas the 30 fps mode is lighter and with less noise.

Jessie James Sambilad says:

I thought s10e camera features is lack of ex slowmo food etc btw im planning to buy it


Have been using my new S10e for half a day. It really loses those details in night mode, quite disappointing.

q8_vip2 says:

Front camera selfie not have ultraWide while s10 have
i really like s10e but why not have ultrawide front camera 🙁

Yuva R says:

Hi, does your photos looks soft when zoomed to 100%?
Because mine does and i now i wonder if my unit is defective..

Sourav Jana says:

Pleas tel me .. which song is this the lust music..🙏

OffSkroz says:

TERRIBLE music in the backround and awful mix with your voice… really … either turn it off or choose some music without so much beat bass and chaotic played instruments.

Amir Fazwan says:

For low light, both front and back cam looks bad. Switched from iphone to s10e and now im in doubts!

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