Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Pixel 3 XL – Camera Comparison

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The ultimate camera comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Pixel 3XL.
This is the camera that I use for YouTube: – Amazon Link.

In this video I compare the front and rear cameras on the Galaxy S10 and the Pixel 3 XL.
Throughout this video you can check out portrait mode pictures, daytime pictures, night time pictures, selfies and of course videos.

All the pictures were taken on Auto Mode and about 1 second apart from each other.
For night time pictures I used the Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 XL.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Google Pixel 3 Camera Comparison:

Samsung S10 VS Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera Comparison:

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Karthi Keyan says:

Any one notice that the guy have notch on his head

Elfresson De Frick says:

1:33 she is a beautiful girl

Christo says:

How are people not seeing that darks are too dark on the pixel

Davide Berti says:

Pixel is pixel

Daniel Lovrich says:

i do not agree,,whites are too white on s10..and black too black..and you took some photos from diferent angle

corsinivideos says:

Man the Samsung selfies look awful, look how soft they are, stupidly airbrushed, unrealistic just eurgh. How anyone can think this looks good i will never know, the pixel 3 is just so much better its unreal.

;-; num te enteressa '-' says:

S10 plus is best

Nicholas Lai says:

nice video. keep it up. quick question. which phone amount all has the most color accuracy on video recording

Orozcoalmillon says:

I'm S10+ owner! In order to match pixel's pics just add blue (cool) (pale) tone filters and done deal! That's the only difference I noticed!

Alex Garay says:

Beautiful girl!

Tonya Tko Show says:

Is this your real accent? Just curious.

Roberto Perez says:

Pixel XL!!!

Aniket Gowardhan says:

I will go for Pixel3XL for Day light and Night also because I feel that Samsung Galaxy S10 has soft pictures even in the Portrait Mode the S10 the face are very soft beautify the face where the Pixel3XL capture face natural and don't make picture soft yes Video recording S10 is a champ bit when come to picture Pixel3XL is my choice but Samsung Galaxy S10 has a wide angle Camera but Pixel3XL don't have so S10 have a advantage over Pixel3XL in wide angle Camera but P30 Pro will bit the Samsung galaxy S10 in wide angle and Pixel3XL in Zoom

Alex Alexandr says:

Samsung camera is disappointing, they did nothing to repair this blurry image quality on the s10, its worst than the si in front camera quality

Nikola Nikolic says:

Dxo mark tells true

Yakir aharon says:

Over exposure, beauty filter.. Come on S10..

Alexandru Macovei says:

Your accent is….

Jacob Haskoli says:

Great video man! Good job👌🏽
But I think pixel is more worth buying it. Bcuz in day time is small difference. But in the night pixels is king

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