Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Nokia 9 PureView CAMERA COMPARISON!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the Nokia 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S10!
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In this Video you can find out how good the cameras on the Nokia 9 are compared to the cameras on the Galaxy S10! I’ve included daytime pictures and portrait mode pictures, night time pictures, selfies and of course some video samples!

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Redskull says:

What phone do you prefer? The S10 or the Nokia 9?
You can check out the Nokia 9 on Amazon:

Adrian Mak says:

photos from S10 camera look like some sort of photo retouching

Ib Erik Söderblom says:

Well the Samsung pictures are made to "impress" people, not to depict things as they actually look.
Perfect for "commercial" selfie pictures and pictures of "what I had for dinner to day" and other meaningles stuff on Instagram and Facebook.
But the Samsung seems to burn out to quickly in the white colours.
Its a lot about personal taste and not being a teenager, what camera to prefer.

me too says:

Colours more natural on Nokia but sometimes shadows are too dark. I'd say daytime they're equal. Night photos you'd have to use a tripod and use night mode. Point and shoot Samsung is probably the winner.

Doug Walker says:

I'm confused by some of the night shots. sometimes the Nokia is darker and sometimes brighter than the s10. Over all the the S10 seems to be the winner. Plus it will likely be difficult to get accessories for the Nokia. I'll take the S10 out of the two, but I think I like my p20 Pro 🙂

Bart Bart says:

nokia needs better software

Olemal's says:

Nokia is so far superior to Samsung in daytime shooting that it looks like different categories. Nokia's colors are so natural, the details are precise, and the dynamic range is extremely wide. Day photography is the most important thing for me. So only Nokia.

Zafer Atmaca says:

Alex please just tell us who is your girlfriend? the one on the left or on the right? 😀 which one is true looking? :))

Zafer Atmaca says:

omg ! for sure that I will look like Tom Cruise after shot on Samsung S10 :)))))))))) 😀 Nokia takes very natural shots

Jamil Aboudaher says:

I like everything more on the S10 except one thing, I just like how sharp things are in the nokia pureview 9 in portrait shots and on the girl's face…

кто то там где то там says:

Video Samsung destroyed Nokia. Audio also

кто то там где то там says:

Daytime Nokia night time Samsung

кто то там где то там says:

Nokia for portrait

ThyGreek says:

Definitely the S10 because you can edit the picture quickly and make it look amazing.

Jason King says:

Nokia 9 is a pure waste of research dollars….

Atanu Biswas says:

Keep that in mind Samsung also can shoot in RAW footage… ☺️

Gaetano Crisci says:

Alex it's your wife the red hair girl? my compliments!

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