Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison

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Can Samsung Galaxy S10 keep up with the latest S20 with new bigger camera sensors? Watch this most detailed camera comparison to find out!


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M-Galaxy says:

To answer your questions – both have Exynos chip (SM-G973F and SM-G980F model number) 😊

Juan David Espinosa says:

Good video!

Muacat Muacat says:

Mejor es la del s10

Maarttiin says:

S20 it's not worth upgrading.

Use your money to buy the upcoming iPhone.

Hamza Malik says:

Not a big enough upgrade for me to upgrade to the S20+

Karol Babinski says:

May I ask if you had the latest camera update on the S20?
Great channel btw. Where are you from?

Karol Babinski says:

I feel S20's pics looks more pleasing, less "phone look"

Alex Stelian YT says:

I don't understand the comparison ..but clearly the S10 + takes some spectacular photos it is undoubtedly still a top mobile We have received the latest update 2.1 and it is faster, more camera settings, and more autonomy

Erger erger says:

İ think S10 better

Enzo _ says:

S10 is best? Lol hahaha

Алишер says:

The S10 looks like a Ninja

I'm Jonny says:

I own the S10+ Snapdragon and seeing a lot of the comparisons, the S20 feels like a downgrade. No joke. The photos felt like they looked worse. The focus is absolutely terrible. The video felt like it was simultaneously more stable and unstable at the same time.

I don't know. Samsung produced a worse device and that sounds incredible.

I'm Jonny says:

Give it another try with OneUI 2.1. It definitely improved the color science and night mode on the S10.

Also. Worth mentioning but the Snapdragon S10 will produce better shots.

Thiago Camilo Alberton says:

I just bought a S10 with 512 GB. It is amazing and the price is much better. The S20 has only 128 GB, and the system will use at least 40 GB of them.

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