Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Mate 20 Pro – Camera Comparison!

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Two of the best smartphone cameras go head to head. Huaweis Mate 20 Pro vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Which one do you think takes the best photos?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – 24 hours Later –
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review –

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Matthew Moniz says:

Mate 20 Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus? Which one do you like better for pics? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!

Mohammed Shan says:

How many seconds for shutter speed in s10 pro mode

Sugurain says:

Is any of those capable of beating a Nokia 808 yet? I mean, in the photograpy aspect, of course.

Lords Of Beast says:

The mate 20 pro was not used to the full potential

WorldFacts says:

You really need to test Super Steady option of s10

Shaleen D says:

The Huawei p30 pro is coming to take over the crown from the S10🔥

JZ VR says:

Mate 20 Pro is still better.

Kelvin Lau says:

I like s10 plus better. Sometimes cooler tone creates mood and feel. Can't say it's not good. Good job Samsung.

кто то там где то там says:

Yes s 10 pro was better

UnboxingTV says:

On the S10+ you can adjust the Background Blur 🙂

Aram Jawhar says:

S10 pics are sharper …..

Yoyok Life says:

what's the problem with over sharp on s10?

Bopan says:

Please make comparison between mi9 and iphone xs max camera…

Yu Kay says:

as soon as put ur sim card into huawei phone, all of ur personal information belongs to chinese gov. 🙂

kaiyum 21 says:

S10+ vs Pixel 3 XL camera comparison please

mic kue says:

The S10 is doing a better job in my opinion. The pictures look sharper. And yes, DXOMark is a joke, that is taken much to serious by some people.

Asad Ali says:

S10plus is King 👑

faisalhaider007 says:

Want to hear a sad reality?

What's worse than being an iSheep? SamSheep! Now read comments and see how many are mindless samsheeps have expressed their sheep mentality.

Indeed S10(or whatever apple's ripoff) variant is better, there is almost 2 quarters of difference in their launch!

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