Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus versus OnePlus 6T camera comparison

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the OnePlus 6T are considered to be two of the best Android smartphones right now. That being said, these two devices are completely different. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has pretty much every high-end spec imaginable (including five cameras) while the OnePlus 6T focuses more on performance with a lot of RAM and minimal bloat in its software. That being said, OnePlus did step up its camera game with the 6T, but how does it compare to the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

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Davide_Russo says:

6T was so underrated.
Now, they can't really say anything bad about this cameras.

6T is almost as good as the S10+ in all scenarios.

villavan kothai says:

Display of s10+ is godsent

Admiral Kizaru says:

Im using GCam with the 6t and it is much better

นายชู หน้านิ่ง says:

I like s10+ but I very impress of 6t wonderful!, great video

Lafgr81 says:

Great Video!!!
Obviously the s10+ has a better camera, but in my opinion, not by much! (Well the video camera on the s10+ is way better), but whatever, and again, great video!

Sarmistha Saha says:

Really nice effort to show us the comparison.

John Gamba says:

The dark videos inside we're def better on the s 10+ , but I can always download the pixel cam.mod and save myself 500 bucks with the 6T lol. #loveoneplus

Jagdeepsingh Sidhu says:

Rivew starts from 2:53

RobberClobber says:

So stay with the oneplus 6t then got it… Lol

Cristy Cornejo says:

Do t know I like 6t more somehow


i enjoyed this video .. Great job very helpful 👍👍Thanks.

Ygor Cortes says:

Damn, the 6T is literally just as good as the S10+ in almost all scenarios. OnePlus only needs to improve the dynamic range on low light and portrait mode. I'm mind blown!

Alishan Khan says:

Owning an s10 for last 20 days, I can clearly says that you cannot go back to phone like 6T. Since their is much more that a camera. Like dolly atoms supported speakers ( you will love your phone when its rings), refine vibration feedback. edge display with super silky touch ( yes only flagship phone have this for now) with HDR 10 plus which will make have a Netflix subscription if you do not already have. Perfect size, super secure inscreen fingerprint scanner, headphone jack XD, etc, etc too many to count here. Final verdict, "yup phone is expensive but it is worth it and cost justifies it. So if you still think you can compare s10 to 6T than sure you can compare 6T to phones like Redmi note 7 pro too."

kona328WH says:

S10 camera not as good as the price would suggest. Lacks dynamic range of the Pixel 3 and no proper night mode. 6T looks very good for its price tag beating out many of the s10 pics in day and night. Night video on the 6T is just too dark but meh I don't shoot much video. Great comparison bud.

anw0625 says:

Did you use the stock camera for the 6T?

Jinuk Seo says:

Yes, S10 is better, especially for taking video indoors & taking wide angle shots; But 6T camera isn't bad at all, and when you consider the cost difference 6T seems better choice for me.

One big difference I noticed was that Mr. Gary looks much older in selfies taken with 6T, showing more wrinkles & skin blemishes. This can be both good and bad. With a little photoshop skill, one can beautify images (reduce wrinkles/blemishes), but you cannot do the reverse, if the original images doesn't have that extra information to begin with. However, not everyone has skill or time to do so; and many women users would appreciate automatically beautified selfies.

Thank you for the great review.

Project Z says:

Galaxy S10+ equals OnePlus 12T 😂😂😂

zplop says:

Can you get me the free fortnite skin on the S10?

Project Z says:

OnePlus photos are closer to reality. Samsung oversaturates photos. Samsung's photos make the sky green. Artificial photos imo.

Christopher Avery says:

By the photos, and my experience with both phones at the same time, the S10 sometimes over lightens the photo. And different color lights confuse the S10.

I like the natural look of the 6T 99% of the time. There is that 1% that I'm surprised by the S10. But the 6T is still my main phone.

TheDrakoz James says:

I don't see a big difference, but i choise the oneplus 6t, the front camera is so good

brown bobby says:

S10 better at video, night shots, wide angle. Daytime is pretty similar result.

Krishna Chaitanya D says:

6T front facing camera is better than s10, thanks to the higher megapixel count…really sharp and detailed pics on 6T for selfies….. but rear facing camera of S10 is better than 6T. Overall 6T experience is better than s10 in Asia as snapdragon is way better than Exynos and the smoothness of Oxygen OS as compared to occasional lags and stutters on s10 exynos.

R Ch says:

nice video; for me I would go with the 6T; can almost buy 2 6T for the price of 1 Samsung!!!

Mizzoumike000 says:

6t looks better to me except in lower lighting conditions

eagle horn says:

6t looks better

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