Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Vs. Pixel 3 Vs. iPhone Xs!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera compared to the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XS.

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Thank you guys all for watching!

Google Pixel 3 and S10 provided for review.


Darkbyte2005 says:

Considering you were not in your studio, this still was very polished, informative, solid and rich in content video. It's very comprehensive, packaged with detail as you discribe the technical info with your great personality. Well done Jacklyn..

Mehedi Hasan Rana says:

Do you have boyfriend?🤔 Because i am in love with you..!🙄💝

W B says:

I find iPhone videos on Instagram look awful. I can always tell because they're low quality and noisy.

Dhanabol Pradipdham says:

More time on photos, less time on your face.

Sameer Hafeez says:

She could use the worst camera and still look stunning !

Tiwill0V2 says:

was this a comparaison between the phones or just the camera?

Stas Fortnite YT says:

Pixel 3 is the best

xOlent Productions says:

Thank you for making this video <3

Swizzle says:

Iphone xs most natural?what drugs are you on it warmer if you ever edit you photos you know that xs is too warm and color are not natural at all pixel 3xl has the best camera but s10+ looks better then both after the edit i have all 3 and i am talking from my personal exp

Ritesh Arolkar says:

Your eye expression is so cute 😉

Shesh says:

The pixel 3 should also have a wide angle mode in the front and back along with night sight.

Alpha thing says:

Hellow I m from India your look very nice will you marry me my no. 6201267272.I m waiting your call

Anderson Anderas says:

11:53 pixel 3 is so much better! Much more dynamic range and it does not have all that digital sharpness that you can see on s10 and IP Xs.

Muhammad Awais says:

Bought the s10 a few days ago…… and i am glad i bought it….. HDR and portrait shots have improved a lot….. probably better than other phones because now it takes it with the wide angle lens so you get more detailed picture and great photos…… and then damn that ultra wide angle lens….😍😍😍😍😍

Robin Lent says:

Samsung S10+ was the clear winner. And this after I just bought the iPhone XS.

Wandra Bharasepta says:

Forget bout s10+ i can test it by my self, but damn… iam blown away bout how beautiful you are..

Anowar Hossain says:

World King winer samsung s10+

cwang22 says:

You totally forgot to mention that the portrait mode in S10 is using the wide angle lens instead of the telephoto lens, producing some distortion and obviously framing totally different image then Iphone or Pixel. I, as an amateur photographer am utterly disapointed by this. Hope samsung provides a firmware update that allow us to use the telephoto as the portrait lens, with blur effect. As it should be.

Aman karn says:

great video continue ur work……… can i contact you……..i have some thing to ask……….if you think it's ok then do mail me at [email protected]

animehdindo says:

You're very beautyfull

Denzil Wasterfall says:

She pretty…..😍

A K H I L says:

Thoda kam bolo yaar

yasin khan says:

Kuss dy owaham mal dy kaam

yogesh chandela says:

Did you reallly mean wide angle selfies from s10+ and ignoring the same for pixel 3xl

Siam Shah says:

biggest 💖💖💖💖💖 for samsung

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