Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite vs OnePlus 7T Camera Comparison | Best Camera Under Rs. 40k? | Guiding Tech

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Today, let’s talk about the video that you’ve been waiting for the most – Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite vs OnePlus 7T Camera Comparison.

See, OnePlus devices have never been known for their cameras, and the OnePlus 7T is no different. However, it finally has a real competitor in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, that aims to give OnePlus a run for it’s money. Is the OnePlus 7T Camera able to withstand the competition, or does the Galaxy S10 Lite camera crush it?

Let’s find out in our camera comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite vs OnePlus 7T, and finally decide which is the best camera phone under Rs. 40,000.


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Shanaya Agarwal says:

But if u compare
One plus 7t 90hz processor to Samsung s10 lite 60hz
And aluminium frame and glass back body of 7t vs plastic body of Samsung s10 lite

I think Samsung
Should have at a price point of 33000/- to 36000/- instead of 40k
In terms of body and display refresh rating

So that Samsung could have got more hype

I won’t say much about camera quality of both these phones
As both phones have done equally well

And it totally depends on how users what to see the colour creation and brightness in a phone

If u ask me to choose one
I will suggest you one plus 7t

On the basis of some points

No.1👉 offers alluminuim frame and glass back body not a plastic body
No. 2👉90hz refresh rate not 60hz
No. 3👉better operating system user interfere of oxygen os

One thing I wanna ask the reviewer
That why only you focused the judgement on camera basis Because phones have other points to be discussed as well, such as performance on a phone on factor like how smooth and faster phones are while working on multiple task ,as I mentioned about the display refresh rate
And Over all body material used to build a phone that is the build quality comparison.

debajyoti ray mohapatra says:

Hi plz tell , if s10 lite has front screen flash?

Biswabasu Kishan says:

Plz tell about zoom in capacity …..

ashish katre says:

I would prefer Samsung due to after sale service

mr. w3ird YT says:

Galaxy a51 please 😤

Raj Mishra says:

OnePlus 🤟

saptarshi sengupta says:

So left and joined guiding tech!!!

Anonymous says:

Does it has any Gorilla Glass Protection? And any IP rating ?
I want to shift from Samsung S8 plus to S10 Lite. Would you recommend to buy S10 lite ? My main motive is the performance, battery, Camera and Music and Daily day to day usage. Pls reply before 3rd feb.

Sohel Pathan says:

I took popcorn

Aditya Jaiswal says:

Thanks bro you're the first one who did proper full comparison

Somu Meher says:

I don't like oneplus's colour processing. And my oneplus 6 has some lens distortions when I try closeup shots. This is not only on my phone but I have noticed with some realme and oppo phones as well.

IM technical says:

S10 lite is the best 👇👇👇

Rahat Gandhi says:

Why u r doing videos on two channels. Just curious?

Veena Naidu says:

please give a dedicated gaming video for the new samsung s10 lite please ………..

Rock Kharayat says:

S10 lite vs note 10+ camera test 🔥🔥

ANDROBOT 9680 says:

Make a tutorial on Open Camera both for videos and photos😣😣😣 please

Amit sharmA says:

thanks for this video brother please do one performance wise comparison of both phones

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

Awesome… awesome video…

Vinoth Raj says:

My preference is camera, battery, sound of speaker, durability please reply which will be best in under 20k mobile??

Vinoth Raj says:

Brother which is the best deal under 20k redmi note 8pro or realme x2 or may wait for poco x2 or redmi k30 please reply???

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