Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

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This is the new Samsung Galaxy S10+
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gyl_ot_LoMa says:

10:41 that's Jesse James – Legend

Nice Usеr says:

Wallpaper from my Note Edge on preview lol

JOKER *DED* says:

The best phone ever we all know that

Samsung the best company ever

Abhishek Mondal says:

Should i wait for the note 10 or should igo for s10+


10million views 👏👏👏👏👏

Dave F says:

9:34 why not just flip the phone so the cameras are on the bottom right? Much less noticeable in that orientation IMO.

Rafaela Luna says:

You're a bad I hate you

Jade Graff says:

Does the regular S10 have that beauty mode? I tried messing around with it but I couldn't find it

Bilal Rana says:

Watching this from my S10+. Best phone ever!

Buckfutter _12 says:

Beautiful majestic piece of technology.

Jed Nagel says:

Dunno if it will be worth the upgrade from my s9+ or not.. ugghhh decisions decisions

theunderdog102 says:

Notice how the middle smartwatch button is digging into his backhand 10:18

Thomas Heydrick says:

Had one since launch day. I really don't mind the front camera. It disappears during videos and games, so it's not noticeable in the most important activities. I did have the cell chip in my first one overheat to the point of failure, but Samsung warrantied it.

Loihky says:

I just ordered one after watching this, very excited to see it in person

Maximo Bistoyong says:

It doesn't matter if there is a whole punch, much better than the NODGE DISPLAY in iPhone.

Christopher Cox says:

“Moves it to a less utilized portion of the screen real estate.” You mean … the top right corner which, since the beginning of smartphones, has ALWAYS housed the battery and signal icons? How is that less utilized? It has been utilized heavily since the beginning of the industry. Lol. This dude says completely random things.

Morgan Brooks says:

You use a bunch of phones, so what do you normally use to transfer all your data from one to the next?

Alvin Henry says:

I don't know why I I'm always watching these reviews when I know I can't afford one 😂

J the Existentialist says:

How is it possible that people are fooled? The galaxy phones have basically been the same since s6. The only difference is now finally the galaxy is moving from 4gb ram to 6 GB ram. The note 9 can do 8 GB ram. Ram is really what your paying for. When your phone is figured. The type of screen and the amount of ram determines the price range separation. I swear just look. S6 had 1440p. It had 4 GB ram. The only difference is generation of chipset and generation of oled screen. The cameras on Samsung have always sucked. We all know that. If you want a good camera get a phone from a company that specializes in cameras. Like Motorola phones or lg phones. But if you are able to update your s6 or s7 to current android version you will notice no real difference other than the edge is not made anymore and all phone by Samsung have an edge screen now.

HARMR هارمــر says:

اكو عرب بالطياره

اذا انت عربي لايك واشتراك

paschaDE says:

My Backgrounds dont black the holepunch out 🤷‍♂️😑

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