Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review – Unleash the Dragon

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While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t seem to be packing in anything different than the Galaxy S9 on the surface, a closer look reveals some additions and changes for the better, including support for the more efficient H.265 codec, 4K 60FPS recording support, and a new remote capture feature with the S-Pen. The same dual-aperture camera from the Galaxy S9 is here too, but does that mean it’s the same quality as the Galaxy S9, or is it better? We compare the Galaxy Note 9 to the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+, vivo NEX S, and the OPPO Find X.

Full gallery of comparison shots:[email protected]/albums/72157694675102410

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Chow Jun Yi says:

I think note 9 is the best and for the zoom comparison, why would anyone zoom so hard to get the shot

Chukz Fegorson Speaks says:

i just got a note 9, i live in Africa but i have AT &T softwares everywhere but i think its UNLOCKED. MY PROBLEM IS THAT ITS NOT UPDATING TO ANDROID 10 WHAT DO I DO?/

ramesh kumar says:

Great phone with great camera.

Hikaru Sayuri says:

I use 9 but my camera settings are not similar!
I can't explain how but..

Ami Amer says:

Note 9 for me!

Yes It's Me says:

Jeeezuz, this camera is Terrible.

admiral coby says:

Help!! My note 9 Photo Size just comes Under 1.3mb Its blury and Undetailed Undetectated😶😶😶😶😶

Jhay-ko Real says:

Why does the camera setting of my note 9 is located in the upper side and the camera modes are all at the bottom next to the shutter? Is this fake? I saw from the other note 9 camera that the setting is in the bottom.

Ali Al Badi says:

my friend, I have annoying issues in my note9 camera,
when I open the camera I don't find the photo and video bottoms (together) instead I have the photo bottom and front camera and review bottom,, so when I decide to record video I have to scroll through to the video…. and this annoying me to much 🤯😢 , how can I fix it???

Ullimately says:

Yes, the camera is quite nice, better than the one I have in my 2008 Nokia phone but when you do REAL photography and do a bit of pixel peeping you notice that those tiny sensor cameras just can not compete with a real camera.

boris daley says:

Watching on my Samsung note 9

Yair Arroyo123 says:

Watching on my note 9 my note 9 is ocen blue

Azure says:

1:37 confused me since I'm watching this on my note 9 lmao

duy linh says:

many fools said that note 9 pic look more clear. that not "clear", that "blur". lack of sharpness, so soft. The color is ok, but the sharpness…

Wino Kitty says:

Great review. Thx.

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