Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, including camera test comparison, battery comparison, performance, specs, release date and price!
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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Quick heads up, in the US, the Note 20 Ultra starts at 128GB, vs 256GB in other regions!
For a Brutally honest take on the Galaxy Z Fold 2:

Thunder Plays says:

Sam sung is just trying to fit as many cameras into one box as they can very smart


The Note is one of the most gorgeous phones. But I would never pick it because of the software.
I don’t need
2 browsers
2 cameras
2 drives
2 assistants
2 everything
It takes up storage and makes the phone look like some cheap Made in China phone. That’s why I still use an iPhone 7

George Obinna says:

No headphone jack?

강지원 says:

진행속도가 한국인이 좋아할 속도네요!👍🏻

thaTgirl says:

This phone is ridiculous

Chris Lowdermilk says:

I love how Samsung think they did this amazing thing with the Laser Auto Focus when LG did this all the way back with the G3.

Saif Adil says:

Who else thinks that the Note has a pathetic design

LK Creation says:

bro i need that😭😭😭

Alberto Gonzalez says:

We need an unboxing of the Galaxy Buds live

Dozzer geeks says:

What happens if we keep them on each other. They both wirelessly charge??

Ziggy & Elliott says:

Beware unreliable SCREEN QUALITY ? Horizontal grey lines, flickering screen, faded colours.
I bought a Note 9 only 13 months ago – the screen started flickering and grey horizontal lines for the last 3 months,
about the time when the Feb samsung update. Some people online claim this horizontal lines, greying of resolution and flickering is due
to Samsung's software update. A samsung store technician said the screen is damaged – brand new phone !!!
(I worship my phone and never dropped any phones for 15 years). It's frustrating on a high end phone – beware.

Otherwise : Camera and functionality – excellent

TheWakeVisor says:

Thank god for not adding another macro camera on it .

mr_whoisGAMER says:

I am so excited for iphone 12 series

Pixel Shader™ says:

Finally they got it. It took them long enough to feature a hardware Laser AF. They were late in adopting that Laser AF which Sony did a long time go since Xperia XZ days in 2016. Plus, this Note 20 Ultra looks like a redesigned Xperia XZ Premium design with higher screen to body ratio. I love they took that approach!

Ausländerr says:

My broke ass watching this on Note 8 lmao

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