Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Hands-On Camera Review

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Is this a phone or an industry standard camera?! 8k, 960fps, 108MP and 50x zoom… it’s got better specs than my Canon lol. Anyway ran around with these phones & shot some pics, some vids, & ran a few tests, I’d say it help up – what do you think?

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Moment says:

what phone is your current daily driver??

Kevin Davis says:

As always with Samsung, great 👍🏻 hardware with some questionable software decisions. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️, pre-ordered and looking 👀 forward to it anyway.

Very nice video, thanks.

Regardt Stander - CREATIVESOUNDS says:

Have you heard of Pro mode?

Xander Ore says:

The dof is natural

denziiey says:

i like the saturation cause the photos are social media ready. most people post edit and saturate anyway so might as well have it but i can see why someone like u prefer neutral. You look like you're serious about your photos.

Cubamus Prime says:

Here is the thing with it's "fake fabricated" on Note 20. It's looks great and it doesn't look bland and boring like real life colors.

asees malik says:

You're a bad photographer and a bad videographer as well it's not a hate comment i'm just being honest with you

Adnan Pilav says:

This dude is probably so much fun at parties….🙄

anuraj rajendran says:

What about pixel 4a

Dodif Pipes says:

This video has the vibe of …"I got in trouble and Caleb and Niles said my punishment was I had to make a video about the Note 20. Here it is."

cartoned says:

note: "Super Steady" mode uses the ultrawide camera on samsung phones with this feature.

Shashant Motling says:

Who is this guy wait a sec why is he reviewing this phone bring up the old gang those guys were the main thats why i liked the moment channel

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