Samsung Galaxy M31 vs A71 Camera Comparison! Are They The Same?

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TechDaily says:

Pics start at 02:51 (you're welcome)
So which phone do you prefer? I feel like this is a super close comparison 🧐

Mohammed Baqur says:

M31 is to over exposed

Faris Irfan says:

A71 is better😍

elastika neverjetna says:

Were you sooting
in 64mp or 16 with a71

Luanda A. de Carvalho says:

Great comparison! I prefer M31 pictures, mostly because of the colors but I do prefer A71 as a phone.

Snne Bnne says:

Samsung Galaxy A 71 very nice ✌️🏻

Sejuani says:

Wow, its great how samsung puts on great camera on a budget phone these days.. The A71 camera performs better than a 2 year old flagship like the S9 but M31 camera performs almost as good as the A71.. just wow!

Zeez Saud says:

If I have your photography capability, I wouldn't mind using any smartphone out there.. cause I'll get good results

Christian James Llames says:

Thank you 🙂

bnzlryj says:

Best channel 👏

Tim says:

nice content keep up the amazing work

Tim says:

great video you deserve more views

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