Samsung Galaxy M31 vs A51 Camera Comparison Test! Which One Is Better?

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TechDaily says:

Oh hey 😊
Pictures start at 03:48
Let me know which phone you think is best! I think the M31 is my choice 👀

Abdul Rehman Khan says:

A51 vs Oppo reno 3 pro camera compare

Chirodip Nandi says:

U just renamed the m30s vs m31 video😂

Divyesh Parmar says:

I am new Subscribers

LagunaIX says:

Love your video.. In depth comparison and explanation. Keep it up.

Access Telecom says:

I thinkkkk m31 is the best

Döden says:

Do either of them take picture in .HEIC?


Amazing content as always keep up the good work👍👍👍

Mohammed Baqur says:

You should take the pics and videos at the same time so we can see the same stuff and then look at the details

Imad Imad says:

M31 pics are natural
A51 pics are processed
M31 captures more details
M31 is the best 🔥

Sam Noha says:

Play it on 1.25

jheng nazal says:

Can you give A51 to me .I need a phone now

G K says:

Quite similar. The M31 looks at like it gets a small advantage from a bigger aperture at times but it's a small effect. Night video on both isn't good though. The A51 looks better, the M31 looks fatter and the u-shaped selfie camera isn't as good but like you say the price premium doesn't justify the A51 on a pound for pound basis.

gary mann says:

The dot notch display looks good .everything else is good on the m 31.its hard to choose between the two .

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