Samsung Galaxy M20 Vs Redmi Note 7 Camera Test Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy M20 Vs Redmi Note 7 Camera Test Comparison Review..
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Soufiane RICH says:

Samsung shows natural colors.

Shakti Reddy says:



Which song in background bheya

Reza Aja says:

Redmi note7 over saturnation

Shiva Rocks says:

Samsung m20 camera look real

MiDoo vlogs says:

سامسونج طبعا

Tamilanda says:

Samsung=like Fans
Redmi=dislike Fans

Jonshon Thokchom says:

Which one is better or any zoom in photo

Abhay Kharef00 says:

Samsung 13 mp = Redmi 48 mp😂😂😁😁😀😀

Dzulfiqar Nursukma says:

m20 WIN, i am sorry REDMI lose

Mr Singh says:

Samsung take real 1 but note 7 clicks makes all picture dull

Yumin Araf says:

I love you samsung

sri krishna says:

Phone brightness
1 st image brightness high
2 nd image brightness low

U set and take


Note 7 has a yellowish tint..Not natural

Dilwar 〽 nawab says:

Samsung win

Leonard James Vince Cruz says:

Samsung wins but it's going to be more expensive or maybe double the price of RN7

suraj samant says:

Note 7 will compete M30 . This is totally unfair comparison due to price difference .

Pratik D says:

Tuze Sabse ek baat share karni hain redimi k bare me..maine 5 pro liya tha 6 months before camera ekdam mast tha dynamic range or clear the photos lekin jaisehi 6 pro launch hua 5 pro ko ek update aya jisme camera ko degrade kiya gaya…ekdam bakwas photos aate h Abhi. Don't trust redimi ever. I'm using Nokia 6.1 plus now it's really beautiful device. Value for money and quality is really good. Go for brands like Samsung Nokia or Honor. If u still want Redmi then go for only poco phone.

D.K. KIM says:

Redmi is just junk. My redmi note5 has some problem on display since two weeks after buying.

Richardo satria says:

Nice bro ! I want to buy camera samsung M20

Raj Digital says:

Samsung is natural seen. Natural camera photo

ArtinyaBumi says:

Hoax ga nih..


M20 realistic

Yulia shandy khoirunissa says:

Compare camera samsung m20 with Nokia 5.1 plus please

Muhammad.Hikam Ali Zuhdi says:

Samsung win camare, but samsung lose chipset 😢. Why ?

Indrajit Rapstar says:

Yes Samsung's pictures are bright & perfect natural .
But the Quality of images Redmi is Best .

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