Samsung Galaxy Camera – Unboxing

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When our Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 arrived, we were excited to take it out of its box and share with you what goodies we found inside. Watch this unboxing video to get a first-hand look at the Galaxy Camera GC100.
-Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 8GB White:

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Epic Rhino Films says:

This is still a great point and shoot camera in 2019. I have the black variant of this camera. I also have the white Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 which is also awesome. I also have the Samsung Galaxy NX with 3 lenses. I like the three cameras because they are all Samsung galaxy android operating system cameras. With both of the Samsung galaxy cameras I’m getting all day battery. I normally get about two days of battery life out of them both. That’s also considering that I bought brand new batteries when I bought the cameras because of the obvious fact that they’re probably going to come with older batteries which won’t last nearly as long. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Cameras in all three iterations. The Samsung galaxy camera one and two Are very easy to use and have a very familiar operating system if you have any android phone or just used one. Even if you’re an iPhone user, you’re going to feel right at home using these cameras. The Samsung Galaxy NX is a more professional version of the android operating system on a digital camera with an interchangeable lens system that is compatible with all of the cameras in the Samsung NX line of cameras. I have used early versions of digital cameras that would go through batteries in about one hour whether you were taking pictures or just had a camera in your pocket regardless. I have used smart phone cameras that were top-of-the-line cameras that you could find on a smart phone when the phone was new like the Samsung galaxy S3 phone camera. I’ve used modern cameras on budget smart phones which are known to be absolutely horrible. I wanted to get the Samsung galaxy camera because I wanted a camera that would give me a good clean and reliable picture every time but I wanted it to be as easy to use as the camera on a smart phone. That is truly one of the highlights and benefits of giving these cameras the android operating system. I can tell you that all three of these cameras that I’ve been talking about are definitely worth getting but if you just wanna point and shoot camera I would say either the Samsung galaxy camera or Samsung galaxy camera two are definitely the way to go.

Sarwat Hazarika says:

I actually looked for this camera just now, it's quite ahead of its time, 2019 here

Niña Panteria says:

How to fix it?

How To Beta says:

who is watching in 2018 May 19

aman pardhaan says:

What is the price?

shantell lopez says:

Can I take pictures of the northern lights with this camera?

Nasiha Nasim says:

i have one… but the flash doesnt work during videos… anyone knows how to fix it…

هاتف و حاسوب says:

Hi , Does this camera have a place for phone number card ?

Neon Gamer says:

from where yiu can get it

Arslan Tariq says:

you don't need to give invomation about the box

Jarett Bill says:

we don't give a funk about the box

Coptic Matic says:

Can you really talk . I hate android . I'm a ios guy

Ale says:

when you're using this device in portrait mode, your hand will constantly touch the zoom / volume switch, and this means you're constantly changing the volume! It's a major design mistake, HOW COME NO ONE TOLD THIN IN THESE VIDEOS???

Rimas Ayad says:

استمري ياسامسونج رائعه بمعنى الكلمه😍😍😍😍😍

Glam-Ma Ma says:

I have this camera and it's great take good pictures and video…

James Goldstein says:

Mine gets warm when shooting videos is this normal?

James Goldstein says:

How do I install the wrist strap on this camera?

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