Samsung Galaxy Camera Review!

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Samsung’s new flagship category is here! Thumbs up!

Samsung Galaxy Camera:

My first hands-on with the Galaxy Camera:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Agyeya Gautam says:

Would really like to this thing revive in Insta culture. (Nov. 2019)

Penguin King says:

My 12MP camera phone:

another human being, blyat says:

Oh yeah, a digital camera that runs Android and is also a mobile phone!

Ayush Sharma says:

Spoiler alert : the galaxy camera 2 never came out

RageGamer 15 says:

August 2019

Rahman Vlog says:

Why YouTube is showing me this😛

Mia paper designs says:

What is a good stand for this ?

Jared Kaiser says:

Is this usable in 2019 ?

Mayank Kapadi says:

Samsung should try such thing in 2019

Jąmęýľøľžęęý Ğąmîňğ says:

Is samsung k zoom is thinner

Maggie Macias says:

Would you say this is a good camera to make YouTube videosnwith ?

Chris Annon says:

What kind of camera did you use to shoot this review?

Farish Farisha Afnaf says:

I want to know latest price now in malaysia… Samsung Galaxy camera CG100

Johnson Inbaraj says:

how to buy in 2018 ?

Ayushi nischal says:

How to reset I forget my pin code 😑😶

Hari Shankar says:

That time of our life when 8 GB of storage was easily sufficient

Harry Singh says:

Came here from the recent tweet ❤️

Seth Smith says:

Did anyone see the pellet gun pellet go threw the window wtf?

Franklin Francis says:

Samsung made cameras!!!!!


No point of this. More than 99% of people still used their phones to take pictures.

Diego says:

The video on this is pretty great

isaactoh0205 says:

2017 now
My phone has a 13mp cam…

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