Samsung Galaxy A90 5G | Camera Review

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Review of Samsung’s Galaxy A90 5G tri-lens camera, after a week of testing. Here’s how this premium-priced A-series smartphone handles photo and video capture, including bonus camera features like the portrait mode, night mode and more.

The Samsung A90 5G is a more affordable alternative to the S10+ model, costing under £700 here in the UK. Of course that still makes it more pricey than non-5G phones like the Asus Zenfone 6 and OnePlus 7T, which serve up respectable optics for a mid-range price tag.

The A90 has sacrificed some camera smarts compared with the S-series blowers. You may get a 48MP primary lens, but the dual aperture design has been ditched, as has OIS. You also no longer have a telephoto lens, something most rival mobiles offer. The limitations of the sensor and lens combo becomes most obvious at night and indoors, where photo quality really dips.

In my reviews of other Samsung smartphone cameras, I’m usually impressed by the video chops. However, this 5G Galaxy once again falls against the competition in this area, making it a tough recommendation.

Check back for my in-depth verdict on this blower, going live straight after this video lands!

You can grab the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G right now from Vodafone, from £47 a month, and you’ll get a free pair of the rather good Buds as a bonus:


Manoj Ko says:

Bro where did you buy from

Mizan Rahman says:

Can you please do a A71 or A80 review.

Georgeina Samuels says:

This guy is expecting a bit too much from a budget phone.. This phone is pretty good as far as I'm seeing. I appreciate the honesty tho. Not much youtubers are honest these days!

Nico Robin says:

Ohh well, Samsung is better compared to iphone. Samsung captures reality while iphone hides it. Surely you look great on your uploaded photos but in reality you look more of an avalanche and less from volcanic eruption. So yeah,i prefer samsung over iphone.

David Hobbs says:

Just brought the A90 now having a little bit of buyers remorse

RickJ says:

First thing, that this phone does, when you stick in your Sim card, it upgrades the OS to version 10, with the latest UI 2.1. Hence a completely different animal from reviewer's description. For those who miss the old fashion 3.5mm jack connectivity … you can get USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapters from Amazon, or E-Bay for less than a pint of beer. This phone costs £399.- ($500.-) when bought directly from Samsung UK … yet in some aspects, it is better than the likes of Pixel 4XL (that has identical Snapdragon 855 / Adreno chip), or Huawei P30 Pro. You have processor speed, 5G compatibility, that neither Pixel 4XL, nor Huawei 30 Pro have .. and high quality super amoled screen. No doubt that there are better specified phones around, with better cameras, if you are willing to spend twice as much money, but not that many of them have 5G thrown in.

Keith Sacks says:

hello mate them pics are they bury st edmonds

cooper magee says:

I could only pick up every third word. You need to speak slower and clearer. Good review otherwise.

Flo S. says:

Costs 379€ in germany rn

Lydia Smith says:

Ok I was gonna get this phone as soon as my money came money came today and now am going against it considering the camera as I livestream is vital for me so thanks for this

Jaylife_4evr18 says:

Watching this on my Note10+ 5g 😎😎

Mauviene says:

How did I end up in this video at 1:55

Alex Packer says:

I think this is a good phone I got mine for 570 and the screen is top notch camera is good and 5g cant complain I've had dearer phones with cameras not any different from this one

Andy murday says:

The camera is very disappointing. The picture is very grainy. The price is a rip off.

Jinwon Kim says:

2:01 Hwayo! Lol

keroroslayer says:

@Tech Spurt so does it have macro lens or not?

RKGSD says:

So if you want a premium camera that does better in dim light, you'll want the S10 or Note 10.

Mr. Singh says:

I won't buy any 5g phone so early, if it'll become widely available then due to competition most of the brand will make their mid range and flagship 5g then due to competition we'll get 5g at better price just like we're getting 4g in even in feature phones.

Ahsan Rahman says:

My friends uncle created a YouTube channel for cameras and other tech, you might enjoy it!

Jack Ieong says:

They removed the moving camera??? Why???

kamel alg says:

Did you try gcam on this device?

Xistence Studios says:

5G isn't something you need unless you spend a lot on data

imserious2187 says:

It's usually always the camera that falls short on a budget phone

Yasmim Lohana says:

I'm from Brazil and I'm super excited to go here!

Lawrence Flowers says:

For that price it’s best to get an iPhone 📱 xr

Paul Morran says:

I do like the pearlescent back .. but how much time do you really spend looking at the back!

William Galbraith says:

I'll keep my note 8

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