Samsung Galaxy A80 Hands On Review – Bezel-less ROTATING Camera King!

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2019 Samsung Galaxy A80, HANDS ON first review! The BEZEL-LESS rotating camera king! My Official Samsung Galaxy A80 Unboxing and full review will hopefully come soon! But this video is my first look / impressions at the live launch! Release date and price to be confirmed! Core specs / specifications etc covered, benchmarks, speed, camera and battery comparison test videos hopefully coming soon! to be announced soon! With the official Unpacked event not coming until the summer, let me know your early thoughts!

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Nivla Avinante says:

It might be same price of S10e.. So we a choice, a phone with camera cut out on screen, no micro sd, no headphone jack, no ip68, separate camera both front and back and not bezel less. OR A80 with full bezel less display and loosing all functionality above except same good camera both front and back.. Hmmm, at least we have a choice.. Separate individual has different needs. So its not for everyone

Alen xd says:

Selfies are soo outdated anyway:p

Pippaass Crack says:

Dust and sand problem.?

Ethel Pablo says:

Its very nice but i can't afford because I'm just a student hehe my dream phone iphone.. keep it up idol i will always subscribe you

Lil Panadol says:

Imagine sand or dirt getting into the moving parts of that phone lol

Matador Batista says:

When is the unboxing video please?!

Marlon Sealey says:

Do not take that phone to the beach because you will be screwed if Sand gets in to that camera or to the park or anywhere that has dust good luck….Oh and one more thing good luck finding a case

Sung Woo Sin says:

Is it wireless charging compatible?

Tanmoy Dixit says:

Nice video…. Would just like to add one small detail : Even though the phone has a 3700 mAh battery, the Snapdragon 730 G is not a power intensive chip compared to the 855, so the phone battery should last as much as the 4000+ larger batteries of the phones with the SD 855 chip.

Parthiv Trivedi says:

When it's coming to India?

jordan mclamore says:

I wonder how they would make a phone case for this phone…🤔🤔

Clive P says:

Hi Asbyt, how's you diddling.. But geeze, I'd rather get a top gaming pc, or a 3510i with change… For a gaming pc.. Or 3 x oneplus 6T's. Or…. A second hand car for my wife. 😥😥😥

Charles spears III says:

Thts a really cool phone

Eniyan Enik says:

Bah….. punch hole is Betta!!!

Pakana Behera says:

Omg Samsung

Abdul Azeemuddin says:

You need a rotating case for A80 😂😂

jeevan m says:

Great video man!

Usman Abbasi says:

I was astonished when this man replayed to my comment and he was the first youtuber to do everybody who reads this comment like the video

mike hunt says:

Bulky and dated

johnny sins says:

oppo first made it on find x

harry jones says:

I have fears that one day it stop working while the camera is popped. So what happens then

Myth Gaming says:

I don't like it
I don't like price

Gurpreet Brar says:

What about s-pen camera now oppo.

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