Samsung Galaxy A71 vs iPhone 7 Plus | SpeedTest and Camera comparison

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thang tran says:

Anh ơi glx A71 vs glx note 9 ạ

AEY SDB says:

Samsung a71 vs vivo v17 please…

amar ahmad says:

Iphone 2016
Samsung 2020

Kang Ndoel says:

Old flagship vs mid range iPhone 7 plus always worth it

arcade army says:

iPhone 7 plus vs iPad 7 2019 PLZ 😇😇😇

Thuận Lương says:

Wtf? 7plus is fail 👍

Rifan Damanik says:

Samsung ❤❤❤

morad pachichy says:

Like 85 / 15 comment

Abdou Mechouet says:

Samsung a71 good phone

Đặng Thái Trung says:

iPhone 7đeo có của

Richmond Gary Cuasay says:

Samsung a71 is the best

Fauzan Azhima says:

Samsung A71 VS iphone 8 plus please


7 plus speed very good.

Mian Mohammad Ayaz says:

Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Huawei p30 lite speed and camera comparison test please

Mian Mohammad Ayaz says:

Both are same.

Эльвин Алыев says:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProVsSamsung Galaxy A80 pleasr

Ali Ali says:


Nigar SALAMZADE says:

Samsung A70 Redmi note 8 pro

Noman Afridi says:

Samsung Galaxy A71 vs oppo Reno 2 Speed test please

Angeologyx bltrn says:

First 🤣
Watching using iphone 7 plus 🤗

Alfred Mendoza says:

Samsung a71 the best

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