Samsung Galaxy A71 vs Galaxy S10 Lite Camera Comparison

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Welcome to the much-awaited Camera Comparison between the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy A71. Many of you were confused between these phones and this video will help you choose the device that suits you the best. Now this is a very long video and I have worked really really hard for this one, so if you are new here, please subscribe, press the bell icon, and if you like this video at some point, do hit the thumbs up button too.

In this comparison, I have compared all the common modes of these phones. You will also find the 4K videos, 1080P videos, front camera video samples in this video. This is the most in-depth Galaxy S10 Lite vs Galaxy A71 Camera Comparison. Watch it with all the patience you have and drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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Galaxy Note 10 Lite vs A71 Camera Comparison:
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Sayan Debdas says:

You are biased with A71 so you can not find any difference, S10 lite image is far far better.

Hener Review says:

Haz comparación entre el Xiaomi mi note 10 lite vs samsung s10 plus, thank you, i from México 🇲🇽

romaica says:

Thank you for your hard work and review. I love taking pictures and I always struggled with the night mode photos because they were blurry. I still can't make up my mind which one to buy. Any help?
Also, not having a headphone jack on the S10 lite is making me have second thoughts about getting it. Is it a big deal? I know I can always use bluetooth headphones.
Thanks again.

moetaz omar says:

Wow awesome comparison

Ziad SH says:

S10 lite best feature is the SD855 otherwise both are very similar but I feel like a71 cameras are slighty better

Ranju Sinha says:

Which phone is best For Me S10Lite or OnePlus 8 (Boycott)??

Arash the Boss says:

Low light selfie goes to S10 lite 👍

Susanta Das says:

S10 lite better

Dr Balti སྦལ་འཐུས says:

If you are getting a phone for just photos and normal use go for A71
If you are buying a phone for videos and gaming , S10lite is choice.

Dr Balti སྦལ་འཐུས says:

Shame on Samsung marketing strategy. They aren’t giving 60fps video recording & OIS in 70k phone A71 while apples 6 years d iphone 6 can do that. Chinese brands too providing 60 or 120fps on much lower prices.

Danny Fox says:

Muy Buen Trabajo… me Gustan mucho Tus Videos… 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Nibal safaya says:

In short which on is the best camera
Please anyone answers me???

Sagar Khadse says:

I guess buddy, ur review unit of S10 lite was defective. I have also compared the camera of S10 lite and A71, and the S10 lite clearly won. A71 is not too far behind but can't beat the S10 lite anyhow. Try checking out for Software Updates or just take the unit to the service centre, it maybe faulty. Appreciate your efforts bro! U did a great job though.

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