Samsung Galaxy A71 colors unboxing | camera, fingerprint, face unlock tested

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Conscious Gentile says:

A71 all the phone we need…

Julio Cesar Alcala Esquivel says:

Yo quiero uno apurate Samsung galaxy a71 a llegar a mi México lindo y querido ❤❤❤🖒🖒

EJ Delapeña says:

How about some giveaway sir?😂

ansha daryani says:

Which camera sensor is used in it sony or samsung

Daru Raharjo says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 😊😊😊👍👍👍

Nouman Khan says:

I need a71 any one sale this product contact me i am from pakistan my whats up number +923116677303

ali humaya says:

The black is nice then all♥️✊🏿



lexes G says:

The sound was kinda destructing.. im not use to this kind of unboxing ..but still thanks for the video

ستموني علي says:

What is your country

Shalini Gupta says:

I liked the prism crush blue colour

Vijender Singh says:

we have no one too. and you have three

John Morgan says:

Me lo regalas 🙁 ok no pero si puedes jeje

Betty Velasco says:

Escriban en español hola..⁉️❓

Raymundus Domo says:

how about video quality?
is this steady?
no EIS or OIS stated in the specification

jokar poetry says:

Launch date in pakistan samsung a71

Hassan Chaudhary says:

You deserve a like 👍

Jeng Monzales says:

😍 silver

Sharmila Daby says:

I just bought the a70

illogical says:

Just like A51, this is the only other tech device, not just a phone, where a different color(the white one) look and feel better to me than the black one, black ones usually looks better and feels superior but not A51 and 71 ones, the black one still looks better than the blue one tho.
Before any dumbass replies rAcIsT know that I'm speaking about phones here not humans.

ScotchandDry says:

Nice review again. Will you do more tests of the camera under low light? Would be good to see how the front and back cameras perform in low light. Thank you again.

Mohd Shahril says:

Bila pasaran malaysia nk kuar?..

Kamisetti Raja says:

Please make a comparison between a51 and a71

Gymnas Guyoy says:

alhamdulillah a71 dah ditangan


KK-Bhar says:

सर, आपकी अनबाक्सिंग में सब्से अच्छी बात ये होती है कि आप जितने भी कलर के फोन होते है सभी को दिखा देते है।


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