Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Review

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Samsung Galaxy A71 has the most powerful camera in the Samsung midrange segment at the moment. Is this camera really worth it? Let’s find it out.
The A71, to start off, has 4 cameras at its back. At the top is the 5 megapixels f2.4 depth sensor. It’s got the main 64 megapixels camera which is the Samsung GW1 sensor. This is an f/1.8 sensor. There is a 12 megapixels ultrawide, 5 megapixels f2.2 macro camera. The A71, on the front, has a single 32 megapixels f2.2. Sony IMX616 sensor.

Watch this camera review until the end to get answers to all of your questions about the Galaxy A71 Camera.

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TechwithUsama says:

For all those confused, Galaxy A71 has SAMSUNG GW1 Sensor at the back i.e. the 64MP camera, same as the Redmi Note 8 Pro.
The front camera of the A71 is the Sony IMX 616 32MP sensor, the same as the Galaxy A51.

If you have any questions, ask in this comment below.

Deepak Yadav says:

Samsung a71 or vivo x50
for better back & Rear camera?

Aditya N Mishra says:

Whose camera is better: Realme X2 Pro or Samsung galaxy A71? Please reply I'm confused between two.

iLoveRoaming. Com says:

Hi, unable to find 'switch camera while recording' option, I find everything but not get it, though is it clearly mentioned on Samsung site itself that this phone have this feature, help me

micro musician says:

..I have A71 but the camera is very bad…oppo,one plus camera is better than this waste

Lee Simmons says:

I've had the phone im not very impressed with the camera also the colours seem a bit off

Kevin Joey says:

great review!!

Nabeel Hussain says:

Worst experience of buying A71. The selfie camera in dark gives very disappointing result. 64 MP main camera is like 10 MP camera. iPhone 7 camera is hell better than this. Wasted my money

I will never buy any Samsung product in future

Andy Vlogs says:

Nicely explained

Subhasis Basu says:

Nice Comparison & genuine feedback. Camera review is extra ordinary & full of technical thoughts. I am looking for a Low Light Camera or Night mode Camera within 25K. Please suggest me.

AshAbbas says:

It's a grrrreat phone, worth spending 😍
Watching from my samsung a71

KsAl Android says:

help me how to fix slowmotion video very bad quality ???

Sabeeh Makhdoom says:

Inshallah I am going to buy it soon

thadula amarasekara says:

sir, I bought an samsung A71 new phone 4days ago…but the photos taken from it are blurred in the right upper corner and left lower corner….why is that occur? could you please kindly say how to correct it? or is it a problem with camera hardware?

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