Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Camera Comparison // Low Light

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In this video I show you photos and video from the front and rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro in low light conditions.

Comparison video (good lighting):

Samsung Galaxy A51:
Redmi Note 8 Pro:

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00:35 – Rear Camera
03:28 – Rear Camera Video
04:56 – Front Camera
06:00 – Front Camera Video
07:42 – Summary & Final Thoughts

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Andy Kusnandar says:

I just bought note8 pro.. 3 months ago. Since then I took a lot of photo using this phone. Even for my photography job sometimes I am using this phone. And I think the result is good.

Jeffry Chandra says:

In my opinion,
The main camera on redmi note 8 pro is better especially the night mode(good exposure and way better detail) but the ultrawide is better on samsung a51.
Selfie camera is not my priority but i'll choose redmi note 8 pro.
Video, no doubt samsung a51 is better in audio. The quality is not different at all but i like redmi note 8 pro's 4k video and for bokeh is good for both of this device

C Butler says:

It's almost dead even the note 8 pro made up some ground at the end!

C Butler says:

Im surprised how much brighter the a51 is composted to the redmi great comparison!

Satya Sai says:

Did not expect this at all… Redmi did a great job with colours and adjusting the exposure. Even in the front video comparison note is able to expose your face well

RP3 Reviews says:

The A51 seems like the winner, but it seems like the Redmi could be fixed with a software update, to help with the processing.

George Hayes Mobile Geezer says:

I like the A51. Pretty close in video and photos, imho. A51 much better audio.

Miheer Jangale says:

Overall galaxy A51 is best💯💯

CH Gadgetz says:

I am starting to like the Note 8 pro a lot more now it really surprised me in this comparison, apart from a few times when it crush the shadows it actually looks like it retain a little more details than the A51 plus it seems to have better lens coating, I could be wrong though however it has less lens flair. I expecting the Samsung to win this one, but it just goes to show.

Don Braugh says:

A51 wins it for me. Here's why: I like the cooler hues and I sense Xiaomi distorts colors more than the Galaxy in low-light. I can see that Xiaomi is attempting to be like iPhones whereas Galaxy is competing with Samsung. Lol My opinions only

Simply your device says:

1 thing here. The audio from the A51 was way better than the Note. Nice detail video Grant.

Gadget Goddess says:

I like the #GALUX front facing and the rear camera on the Redmi. Low light was close in my opinion great cameras on both of these phones. 😀 great job Grant!

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