Samsung Galaxy A51 vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

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This video is about a51 camera comparision with iphone 11 camera

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Mzwandile Harmans says:

Not even close. The macro shot with dedicated macro lens on A51 was a disaster, every thing blurred maybe would be better without

Shreya Halder says:

Like seriously ??? Iphone vs android lol🙂😂 btw watching this fucking review on my iPhone 11 green

Chelzy Marquez says:

Have you turned on video stabilization on the A51?

Tofu-oppa says:

The video is good but please fix your audio

BZ Y says:

The new samsung is not that expensive I have like 400$ phone is like 450-500$

Ubaid AWAN says:

Almost same

Adnan Adnan says:

You can make the camera 20 mega pixels in the settings


I noticed the macro shots on the a51 looked blurry, you might want to check that out and adjust the range at which you took them. I say this because a saw a video showing the quality of the a51's camera and the macro shots looked WAY better than the ones in this video.

amar nanwani says:

This is like reality vs fake

gutsy says:

Sumsung 51 & A50 A9 2018 are sucks!! camera📷 iPhone 11💪 rules

Vitaly GTL says:

Sound of video is left mono!!!!!

Mikey Chapman says:

Sorry this video is biased..

THE GOAT says:

Video quality of a51 is shaking

Fahad Mohammed says:

Wtf how come a51 video is shaking and not accurate make the video compulsory for viewers to know which one is good 😤

Carlo Jay Terrenal says:

You are stupid. Why do you have to compare an iPhone Flagship device into a Samsung Midrange Device. Compare that iPhone to Samsung S10+ or a Note 10+

JS Army says:

Actually… in Samsung A51 there's a super steady camera. But u dont use it.

Riaen Karhystynk says:

So fuckin stupid channel

邱志緯 says:

無聊的比較 不同等級的

Maya Ryczkoww says:

Iphone 11 Wery good

Sania Turrohmah says:

Kamera nya beda dikit sih, emang aga lebih dominan Iphone 11. Tapi ya wajarlah, samsung A51 itu 4 jutaan, Iphone 11 20 jutaan. Berarti samsung it's good. Bisa menyaingi kamera hp yang mahal 5× Lipat. Love samsung❤

Syeda Sherien Fatima says:

I'm watching this in my A51😀

Pyroo0 says:

The A51 doesn't record 60fps

Beeer Pcy says:

iphone11 ❤️

Imran k says:

Stability iphon ke better h

Freddy Gamer says:

macro on the Samsung was not close enough for it to be clear that is what macro is very close shots are clear

Yuyu Yuyu says:


Kopite Telly says:

So much more detail in the IPhone camera

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