Samsung Galaxy A51 vs A71 Camera Comparison Test: Crazy Difference!

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Carlos superlano says:

A71 the best for much , A71 winer X 1000

Hani Ghanem says:

I believe that a51 photos are realistic and natural over a71

Hamza Ansari says:

What do you suggest a51 or a71?

Flavio Carta says:

Someone can tell me if A71 works good on Instagram about stories ..?

Laffy x says:

The 1st selfie you took the a51 was better, the 2nd selfie the a71 was better.. the a71 is way better for photos, mind you I did admire the vibrancy of the colours on the a51.. I just purchased the a71 thanks for help.. p.s you take a good selfie a51 or a71 😂😍

SMaghfir says:

thank you for making this!!!

Jeffrey John Rodriguez says:

Do the front cam of a71 has a wide angle?

Turki says:

thanks for making this awesome comparison, really informative.

ottomated says:

does the ultra wide camera on A71 have auto focus?

Tayeb says:

Should I get the A71 or S9+?

Rakibe Girgin says:

Aradigin türk yorumu benim sksksk

hajer fnoun says:

thank you for the video… that helped me a lot to choose between A51 and A71.
i'll go for the A51 photos are more real !

The Deceiver says:

Ok I take A71 I am not the type of selfie guy 😅

Joshua Duca says:

The camera design is L

Dev Darkensss says:

A71 better anyway option

Василий Васильев says:

A51 Best ! A71 Fack !

Matheus Carielo says:


ranya ranya says:

Please a71 vs iphone 8+ camera test 😍😍😍 btw yr the best

uni corn says:

i always get samsung ads on these videos 😂


A71 is far better

Kolton McCallister says:

I'd totally go a71, but it's just out of budget lol. Hell, the a51 might be

Saiful Alam says:

How's the speakers out loud on the a71 outdoors.

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