Samsung Galaxy A51 vs A50S vs A50 Camera Comparison Test! Surprising Results

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Lia Mendevall says:

Yo quedé enamorada con el Samsung A71 pero está muy caro… Y mi otra opción como de pues ya que soy pobre es el Samsung a51
Pero pienso en buscar la manera de pagar el 71 pero nosé si valga la pena endeudarme

Marchizie catz says:

Good thing I didn't upgraded to the new A51 since they are just the same with the original A50 2019 that I currently owned.
But… the A50s is the middle of the two phones in terms of camera.. which is "just right"

Btw I've been binge watching your videos 😂

William Jefferson says:

Great video. I want the A51 now

Naoman Malik says:

great comparison how did u capture all that from exact angles i mean its really tough thats some real hardwork there , really appreciate it thanks alot

Stephanie Cagara says:

Great video and review 💛

Nisarg Panchal says:

A50 is best gives natural colors

Charan K says:

A50 still runs on Android 9 . Let Android 10 come , you test it and post the results . Moreover A50 has a F/1.7 which gives it more focus .

JiegO LocO says:

Do you think samsung s9 plus video quality better than these a50 series phones?

Anvi Phalke says:

a51 won!!!!!!!

Sayan Debdas says:

My A50 is still good, no significant improvement in this lineups.

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